Blogging Safety Tips

The do's and dont's of online blogging

1. privacy settings

Think about making your blog private. This is the best way to keep out on-line bullies and internet stalkers. Many blogs have a choice of private settings or letting the whole world including search engines and archivers.

2. keep personal information about yourself totally private

keep information about you, for example, name, address, age, school data and personal relationships, out of your blog. this is info halkers and stalkers will be looking for.

3. keep information about other people private

giving information about other people is dangerous. Don't even post things about other people. you can even get sued for posting information about others.

4. check you post befor pressing submit

Think about if you would like you parents or teachers to read the blog. if not re-write it so that you would be comfortable reading it out to them.

5. check the photos that you upload onto your blog

Future imployers may check your blogs in the future, before imployng you, so if you have pictures of you compromising yourself or other they may turn you down. the photos and information that you put on-line can be seen by anyone in the world.

6.Protect you blog at all costs

Keep you password to yourself and log out of you page when your not using it.