Campsite Safety

By: Jordanna

Finding The Right Campsite

When your looking for a campsite, you want a place that is completely flat. With no bumps and that doesn't keep the water steady where you are.

Setting up your tent

Before setting up your tent, make sure you put a tarp on the ground. Then on the tarp set up your tent and put one over top for the rain to not get your tent wet. Make sure all of your pins are in the ground so your tent wont fly away

Food Storage

Its very important to keep your food away from your tent so bears don't come sense the food. You want to hang your food at least 90 metres away from your tent in a tree. This would be creating a bear hang so that your food is hung up and not on the ground attracting bears.

Camp Fire and Cooking Area

When having a fire make sure that it isn't a big fire that you can control. Make sure that your fire isn't unintended. Not all campsites will let you have fires so make sure that you bring a stove so you can make your food and maybe keep you warm. You also want to make sure that your cooking area is away from your tent so you don't have the scent on your tent.

When leaving your campsite

Make sure when your leaving you pack up everything and never leave anything behind! What you bring with you should leave with you. Even your garbage should go with you also