Everyday hero

by Irene Cortés

Mother Teresa de Calcuta

Mother Teresa de Calcuta was an everyday hero because she was a missionary. Mother Teresa lived in modren Macedonia . After having lived in Macedonia she moved to Ireland amd to India ,were she lived most of her life. She helped people and children . Mother Teresa was a recipient of numerous honours,including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

She worked as a missionary .A tipycal working day for a missionary means starting working at early age ,and finished at very old age .A missionary works in a chariti´s Mothers house .

at work she has to to help people and do things for other people .to be a missionary yoy need these skiles: be kind and a very good person.

I wouldn´t like to be a missionary because it´s a very hard work and I would like to be a teacher because I like it.

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