What to do with New Orleans

How much we will spend and what steps are being taken.

Why some people think we should not save New Orleans from the sea.

"We have spent millions of dollars to fix something that is already broken and can't ever be fixed. Lets to the right thing and give it to the fish. It's going there anyways." This person is right, New Orleans is in fact sinking. The first signs of this was noticed back in 2006 when Hurricane Karenina hit and cleared so much land. They found that the city has been sinking a quarter inch each year leading up to Karenina. New Orleans is such a beloved place by lots of people in America, can you imagine your children never being able to see it? Or is it better as a large aquarium for the fish and other sea creatures to live there?

Why some people think we should save New Orleans

"...the history of New Orleans is so amazing and has so much depth its almost seems like a sin if we just allow the beautiful city to go to ruins." There is many reasons as to why we should save New Orleans. Lets put as side the fact that there are well over 1 million people that call that place home. The city is part of America, will that really look good having a city that is pure nothing. We are the country that all the others look to for help, will they think that we can do it based on the way we let our homes turn into?