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The Least Weasel


The Least Weasel is from the kingdom of Anamalia, their class is called Mammalia. The small carnivorous mammals have long slender bodies with a long neck, flat, narrow heads and short legs. Their species type is nivalis. The most common name for them is the Least Weasel.
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Description of Body

It has large round ears and large black eyes. The feet have five fingers with sharp claws. The fur is dark brown above and white brown spots on the underside. The winter coat is all white in northern populations and brown all year round in the southern populations. Their average size is 16.5 cm- 20.5 cm and their weight is usually around 30 g- 55 g.

Specific Habitat

They like to live open forests, farmlands, meadows, prairies, steppe, semi-deserts, and tundras.
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These small mammals are known for mostly eating smaller mammals such as rodents, also eggs, young birds, insects, and lizards.


Least weasels have possess keen senses of smell, hearing, touch, and sight. As with most mammals they rely heavily on their senses of smell, communicating among themselves and locating prey by detecting scents.
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Incidental poisoning with rodenticides and persecution. The weasel prefers open agriculture habitats, which are declining owing to changes in agriculture practices in parts of Europe. As open fields undergo succession.


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