App Stores

I will be comparing the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Areas of Focus

iTunes focuses more on the Newsstand, which is where people can download newspapers, magazines, or books, and games, while Google play focuses more on music, movies, tv, magazines, and books.

Price of Apps

For Google Play, the prices range from free to $18.99. The highest priced app is the books, so that is why it is so high. For iTunes, the prices range from free to $999.99. That is a little outrageous if you ask me.

Layout on mobile and computer

The layout of iTunes on the computer looks really bland and is really plain. When you go on the phone, it is more vibrant and colorful and shows all the apps as soon as you go to it. The layout for Google Play on the computer is colorful, vibrant, and catches your eye. When you go on the phone, it just shows a few apps, not a lot and is not as colorful.


The iTunes store is easier to access on the phone than the Google Play app store. To get to the iTunes store, all you have to do on the phone is touch the app store and you instantly go to it. To go the Google Play app store, you have to search it in order to find it. You have to go to Google, type in Google Play, and find the link and touch it to go to it.

On the computer, Google Play is easier to access than the iTunes store. To see Google Play, all you have to do is go to Google and look at the top bars and click on the tab that says "Play". To get to the iTunes app store, you have to go to, scroll down to the bottom, go under "iTunes store," and click on "Browse App Store".

App Availability

Google Play has less apps for games than iTunes does. My favorite game is One T Draw and Google Play doesn't have it. One T Draw is where you trace a shape that has not been filled in color yet with your finger WITHOUT going over any lines to make a line. It is very tricky and makes you think, which is why I like it.

Amount of Apps

iTunes has more apps than Google Play does. iTunes has them all sorted into categories and has more of a variety of apps than Google Play. There are only a few categories in Google Play and they only really show the top paid or used apps, not all of them that they have to offer.

My opinion is that iTunes is better than Google Play. There is more apps that you can choose from and they have some that are free. Google Play has it so you have to pay for every game that you want from there. iTunes makes you WANT to buy them by giving you details also about the game and telling you how much it would cost if you upgraded the app or bought it.

Submitting apps

To submit an app to iTunes, you have to send the app to the iTunes approval team and they check it to see if there is anything wrong with it, such as it crashing or not responding at all. They send it back to you and give you a chance to correct it. Once it is all fixed, they approve it and submit it to the store. To submit an app to Google Play, you have to submit it to the Google approval team. If they find something wrong with it such as popups or directs it to another app, then they will have you correct it and submit it again until you get approval. Approval takes up to 72 hours.

iTunes is less likely to have a bug with their app because they check for more stuff that is wrong than Google Play does. Google Play only checks for certain bugs, while iTunes checks for all bugs that could be wrong with the app.

There is no fee to submit an app to Google Play or to iTunes, but there is a fee to become a designer for them. For Google Play, you have to submit a $25 fee to become a designer for them, while for iTunes, you have to submit a $99 fee to become a designer. If you don't want to spend a lot of money becoming a designer, then become a designer to Google Play. If you want more people to use your app, then become a designer for iTunes.