bikur cholim

do this TODAY

bikur cholim

close friends should come as soon as they hear the person is sick

people who arent close should visit after 3 days

enemys cant come

a holy should visit the simple

bikur cholim

if you want to davin to a sick person then u should do it when your with them because the shchina is with them and its better

dont visit sick the last two hours of the day because it looks bad you give up

if a sick person is on the floor then you shouldnt sit on a chair because hashem is right above them

you can daven in any language becaus hashems shchina is with the sick person but if your not with the sick then you should daven in lashon hakodesh

bikur cholim

you should visit the sick and help them out

if you daven for them on shabbat then hope he gets better and say that shabbat is the medican to help the person get better right away.