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Call for Officer Nominations (2016-2018)

The 2016 Nominating Committee appreciates your dedication and commitment to The Fayette County Area Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. The floor is open for nominations for all elected offices for a 2-year term (2016-18)! A brief explanation of the positions is listed below. Please feel free to nominate yourself or nominate a fellow chapter member. If nominating another chapter member, please speak with that mother to make sure she is willing to serve in that position before the name is given. Names should be given to any member of the Nominating Committee.

The Committee will be available at 2:30 pm before the January Mothers' Meeting to answer your questions and discuss chapter leadership opportunities!

The President shall preside at all meetings and shall provide the general direction for the chapter with the assistance of the Vice-President and the Executive Board. She shall serve as ex-officio member of the committees, which are subject to appointment by her as she deems necessary.

Vice President
The Vice-President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and shall assume the responsibility for all duties of that office in the event the President is unable to fulfill her duties. To the extent possible and practical, she shall work closely with and assist the President on all matters pertaining to the Chapter. She shall also chair the Membership Committee and serve as the Chapter's Associates Liaison.

Program Director
The Program Director shall be responsible for facilitating the formulation of the Children's Groups programs for the year. It shall also be the duty of the Program Director to monitor the mothers and children's level of participation in group activities.

Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all Chapter and Executive Board meetings and preserve all books, records and documents pertaining to her office. She shall serve as member of the Membership Committee.

Financial Secretary
The Financial Secretary shall receive and record all dues, assessments and other income of the organization. She shall forward monthly all monies to the Treasurer with an itemized account of source of income. She shall assist the Treasurer in the preparation of annual reports, (National and Local). She shall notify the Membership Committee and the affected members of delinquencies regarding payments of Chapter dues and assessments.

Corresponding Secretary
The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for mailing out notices of the monthly meetings and correspondence for the Chapter. She shall serve as a member of the Membership Committee.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping a record of all monies and expenditures, prepare annual reports for the National and Regional bodies and the Chapter, and serve as the Chairperson of the Budget Committee. She shall also have the responsibility of preparing the Treasurer-Elect for service as Treasurer.

The Historian shall be the primary archivist for the Chapter. She shall also work with the Teen Group on a yearly scrapbook containing the history of Jack and Jill and the Chapter. She shall also be responsible for preparing the articles for Up The Hill.

The Editor shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of the Chapter Newsletter. She shall be responsible for submitting Teen Ads and Senior Bios for the Regional Teen Conference and updating the maintenance of the Chapter website.

Please keep in mind that the above positions are elected positions. The remaining positions listed below are appointed positions by the President. Please let the committee know if you are interested in one of the appointed positions and we will forward your interest to the newly-elected President.

The Parliamentarian shall be the advisor to the President on rules of parliamentary procedure.

The Chaplain shall be responsible for bringing an inspirational message to the body.

Foundation Chair
The Foundation Chair shall be responsible for coordinating Chapter support for the Jack and Jill Foundation of America, Inc. She shall be responsible for assisting the Chapter with grant writing submissions and fundraising activities.

We thank you in advance for your willingness to serve!

The Nominating Committee

Tonya Curry, Chair (from1of4@bellsouth.net) Charlett Hodge (charletthodge@yahoo.com)
Deborah Tinsley (ddanders@hotmail.com) Javonne White (drjwhite7@gmail.com)
Myrna White (myrnawhite127@gmail.com) Marissa Lenoir (marissalenoir@gmail.com)

2015-2016 Prospective Mother Interviews

The Membership Committee will conduct 2015-2016 Prospective Mother interviews prior to the January 2015 General Body meeting Sunday, January 10th at 3 PM. All members are encouraged to attend.

Founders Day 2016

As a reminder, we will honor JJOA Founders Day 2016 during the January meeting. Members are asked to white attire.

UTH 2016 Submission Deadline Reminder January 8, 2016

  • Senior teens bios & photos are due Jan.8th to Editor LaShawna Fraser. Please plan to remit payments ($25) to FS Alva McMillan at the meeting on Sunday or mail to the Chapter P.O. Box. Only mothers of graduating seniors who appear in the book will receive a complimentary PRINTED copy of Up the Hill 2016.

  • Children's Art Contest submissions are due Jan.8th. The art should be an interpretation of this year's theme "The Power to Make a Difference".

Please contact Editor Fraser with any questions.