The Colt Courier

April 23, 2020

Principal's Message

The Colt Courier is coming to you a little early this week. I know this has a ton of information, but it is super important. The excitement, if you can call it that, with eLearning is slowly fading. With the longevity of students not being in school, 22 million Americans unemployed as of last week, and the continued uncertainty around the economy continues to create stressors for our students, our families, and our staff. Our job is to continue to provide an opportunity for students to learn while also being a ray of hope for them. Our attitudes influence our students (and one another) more than we can imagine. We are doing an incredible job and our families are so appreciative of all we continue to do. I continue to be astonished with the work ethic, attitude, and dedication you all have to our students and to one another! We will continue to get through this together!!



The Week Ahead

Week of April 27th-June 5th

Timeline of Events:

April 27-Packets due by noon.

April 27-28- Instructional Leadership will check lessons.

April 29- Volunteers to print and scan copies.

April 30-Toshiba will print packets.

May 4 to 5- Planning Days (Next year, our R2S goal is to have 2 Inquiry Units. We would like you to focus on this these days. You may use some of the time to finish LRP as needed. Please let us know instructional leadership and admin. know what your goals and meeting times will be.)

May 6-Teacher placement survey.

May 6-7- Parents drop off 1-2 packets and pick up round 3.

May 25-Holiday

June 1-Pick up round 3 packets

June 1-4 Remediation

June 3- 5th grade recognition (details to come)

June 5-Work Day

School News

Sign up to Help

  • If you are able to sign up to help on one of the packet days, it would be appreciated. We only need the colored slots. Please only sign up for one day. Click the link below.

Special Education

  • No new updates- please continue with the current guidance given by Dr. Maziarz. At this point, this is a federal issue, not a district or state issue.

General Information

  • Round 3 folders have been shared with team leads.

  • If you need things from your room, I have to go in next Wednesday around 9:00. If you need to get anything from your rooms, you can do that then. I will probably be there about an hour.

  • I am going to open the building up by sign up for teachers/assistants. The sign up is below. If you have assistants, you may go in together if you stay far apart. You may sign up for multiple times. Parents and students will not be allowed in the building so we are asking that teachers place students' belongings in a bag with their name on it. We are trying to gather bags for you. We will plan on a day for parents to pick up their items. This is also a time that you can use to start packing if you are moving. Library books can be returned to the library if you find them. I will offer more times in the month as well.

  • April 30 & May 1- Please continue to check in on your students who have not completed work.

  • We will work on a plan for teachers and students to be able to get into the building to get items/pack up rooms. This will be communicated at a later time.

  • Parents will receive the Closure Plans today.

  • Sarah and Aaryn have put together the new folders and shared with team leads.

eLearning Boards for Round 3

  • Paper Packets will again be needed before the eLearning plans are finalized. We need time to review, print, and organize for pickup. Packets need to be in by noon on April 27.

  • Plans will be checked on April 27 and 28 by administration and the instructional leadership team. Please be checking your email regularly for feedback on your materials. If you have completed your plan early, please reach out to the following people so that they can be checked:

    • Cook/Baird will check ELA

    • Brailsford/Sigler will check Math

    • Williams/Marsters will check Concepts

  • Format will stay the same as Phase II, but we need time to print and scan them into one document.

  • Seat times are as follows and include time for independent reading and related arts.

    • Kindergarten-1st grade 90 minutes

    • Grades 2-5- 120 minutes

  • New Content- I can’t stress the importance of being cautious with new learning. Most of our paper packet kids and kids who are eLearning do not have someone sitting with them teaching them. The state & district are in the process of creating learning progressions to help teachers plan for missed instruction next school year. As a school, we will also be looking at standards missed and how we can address these at the beginning of the year.


  • Students in grades 2-5 will receive a P or F (pass or fail) at the end of the quarter for ELA, Math, Science, & SS. No grades/letters for Health or RA. No numeric grades should be entered into PS for the 4th quarter.

  • Teachers will NOT indicate above, on, or above for the reading expectations for the quarter.

  • Teachers will NOT make a comment about handwriting.

  • K & 1- Mrs. Bogan is creating a template for your grades.

  • Teachers must have some “record” if students are completing work. We cannot give a student a F (fail) if no records are being kept. If you need help or suggestions with this, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

  • This should not be shared with parents! Please let me know if a student has not completed 50% of their work after May 15th. Anyone who hasn't, will be an administrator decision on pass/fail. We will not penalize kids because of their lack of parental support. Pretty much, if a student tried, they will pass. If you have a question about a specific kid, please email me.

  • Paper Packets- Will be collected on May 6 and 7. They will sit until May 12. Teachers can pick up during these blocks of time on May 12: Kindergarten - 9:00-9:20, First - 9:20-9:40, Second - 9:40-10:00, Third - 10:00-10:20, Fourth - 10:20-10:40, Fifth 10:40-11:00, SS 11:00-11:20. We are scheduling these to avoid large groups in the mail room at one time. Please practice physical distancing while picking up. If you have a conflict, please reach out.

Quote of the Week

Sports are a huge part of my life, so I am going with a sport quote this week. I feel like it is extremely applicable to all of you. I used to go to church with Lou Holtz when I was little. He always has great things to say. You all truly are making this the best situation it possibly could be.

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. -Lou Holtz-

Happy April Birthdays to the Following Colts!

We hope the following staff members have a wonderful birthday!

April 5th- Grace Haruska

April 8th- Matthew McCurley

April 8th-Haleigh Strayer

April 10th- Yara Ahrar

April 12th- Mary Raines

April 17th- Roberta Martin

April 23rd- Jenn Hawkensen

April 23rd-Meghan Love

April 28th-Monica Burke

April 29th-Jennifer Antley

April 29th-Sarah Baird

Colt Shout Outs

  • Shout out to Nicole for doing the news show.

  • Shout out to the staff. The things you are doing for our kids are amazing!

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