Mid-Month Team Check In

How can I help you?? Let's plan together!! XO~ Vanessa

Break It DOWN!!!!

Where are YOU and where are you going this month???? Let's take a peek.....PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST!!!!

*Remember, you want your POP UPS to hit EVEN numbers for the month so get them to 200, 400, 600, 800, 1K, 1200 and so on so they can get the MAX credits.
*LOOK at your host incentive levels.....make sure they snag the incentives THIS MONTH!!!
*Where are YOU??? Fast Starters you get $200 credit for every 1K you reach in your 1st 60 days. Merchies....round up to the 5's.....500, 1k, 1500 and so on for credits.
*Commission levels??? 800 and 3K get you a BUMP in commission for the entire month!!!
*Merchie incentives.......1500 and 3K
*Pop Up incentive for this month....$100 in free credits for pops that reach 500 each from Tuesday Oct 13th thru Oct 31. XO

TOP 20~~~~>>
1. Caren Lolley Miller 6981I know 7K is yours and BEYOND!!!
2. Laura Wagg Gasiorek 4336....4500 in your future and maybe even MORE!!!
3. Hayley Chilton Hamilton 916...grab 1k babe and maybe 1500??
4. Amanda Gearhart Lester 910...grab 1K and stretch for 1500
5. Lydia Correa-Gonzalez 651...I bet you can hit 800 for commission hike!!!
6. Jenny Ziegelhofer 412...make it to 500 or maybe even 800 or 1K this month?
7. Suzanne Pregmon Vierling 382..500 and 800 are so doable for you
8. Tiffany Ann 373 go for 500 or maybe even 800
9. Nicole Mitchell 353...bump to 500 or 800 wink emoticon
10. Andrea Zolper Johnson-mm 333 I know youll hit 500!!!
11. Helen Norman 246..make it to 500 babe
12. Stephanie Rodriguez 246...500 is in your future!!!
13. Ashli Cupples 225....500 is YOURS!
14. Dinah-Lee Torres 202....can you hit 500???
15. Brittany Rose Florio 188...I know you want 500!!
16. Lindsay Myers Bennett 178...push for 500
17. Loni Williams 173, 500 is yours!!
18. Dani Hearn 162..push it girl to 500!!!
19. Meg Perry 138....you can make it to 500
20. Jenny Lynne 120...500 is in your cards!!!!

POP UPS......we need MORE this month!!! AND let's do some follow up to get the biggest bang for the POP!!!!!~~~~>>
*Laura 10/1 $1513
*Deanna Fisher 10/2 $397....round that up babe
*Stephanie R 10/2 $86...get that to 200
*Tiffany A 10/3 $373 push to get her 400
*Caren 10/3 $190...eeekkkk grab 200
*Nicole M 10/4 $253...push for 400
*Caren 10/4 $2413....round it up to the evens...2600, 2800 and so on
*Andrea 10/6 $237...snatch 400
*Janna Massey Lewkow 10/6 $87...can you hit 200?
*Amanda L 10/7 $681..push for 800
*Caren 10/7 $830...grab 1K
*Caren 10/8 $2682...round it up 2800, 3k and so on
*Laura 10/8 $1826 round it up to 2K and so on
*Loni 10/8 $101...grab 200
*Laura 10/0 $1007 grab 1200 and up
*Caren 10/10 $866 grab 1K and up to 1200
*Nicole M 10/10 $100 grab 200
*Suzanne 10/10 $138 grab 200
*Victoria Kentner 10/10 $48 can it hit $200?
*Lydia 10/12 $133..hit 200
*Ashli 10/13 $213 push for 400
*Dani 10/13 $162 grab 200

IF your name isn't on this list yet.....where are you at?? We have 15 days left, plenty of time to get in the game and make moves!!!! How can I help you??? I am here for YOU!!!!!

POPPING UP is where IT's AT!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!! Do you know there is still PLENTY of time to book one or 2 pop ups for October??? We are mid-way thru the month and there is more than enough time to MAKE MAGIC!!!!! WE have so many exciting things going on for you and your customers. The Sparkle for a Cause Campaign and now the extra $100 in FREE jewelry credits for YOU when any of your October pop ups hit 500!!!!! For pop ups before this past Tuesday, you need to add an additional 500 to them to qualify!!!! HELLO that is FREE jewelry for you just in time for the holidays!!!!!! So I urge you ALL today to look at your calendars...step out of your comfort zone.....make the call, plan the pop up!!! YOU can do this.


Our week 2 Oktoberfest challenge ends Friday night!!! Make sure to log ALL your October Pop Ups by then!! If you have 2 booked from Oct 9th thru Oct 31st you get an entry to WIN!!!!! YAY!!!!! Saturday will bring a new challenge to the Oktoberfest group!!!! XOhttps://www.facebook.com/events/897235257032709/

Liz Ross has some GREAT advice!!!!

LOVE this post on the Merch Perch Blog from Liz Ross ChloeandIsabel!!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause very close to my heart, so I was elated when we announced our ‘Sparkle for a Cause’ campaign! For the entire month of October, c+i is donating 10% of net proceeds from the sales of select pink pieces to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing help + hope to those affected by breast cancer. It feels so wonderful to be a part of a company that not only empowers our Merchandisers, but also helps them pay it forward!

So what’s the best way to get the word out about our ‘Sparkle for a Cause’ campaign? Pop-ups and social media!

How to Pop-Up With ‘Sparkle for a Cause’ – Both Online + In-Person!

The pink nature of BCA inspires lots of fun pop-up themes! Here are a few of my favorites:

Pretty in Pink
As a tribute to your breast cancer themed pop-up, ask your guests to promote awareness by rocking the color pink head-to-toe to the occasion! Purchase pink ribbons (or make them!) and have your guests write down the name of someone who’s been affected by breast cancer on them. At the end, count the amount of ribbons with names + ask your guests to give a donation of that amount towards the local Breast Cancer Awareness foundation or Walk for the Cure. For example, if there are 15 names written on ribbons, each guest will donate $15. Don’t forget to “pinkify” your display with decorations and feature our select ‘Sparkle for a Cause’ pieces, front and center!

Local Walk for the Cure Booth
Search online for breast cancer walks or fundraisers in your community – there will be tons of opportunities this month! Ask the organizers if you can set up a booth, and offer to donate a portion of your commissions (10-25%) to the local foundation.

Online ‘Pink-Out’ Event
Everything pink is the theme here! Tie in the color to every post in this online event (hint: there are tons of options in your Content Center!). Offer to donate 10% of your commissions for each ‘Sparkle for a Cause’ piece sold, matching the 10% donation from Chloe + Isabel. Incorporate breast cancer statistics and facts into your event to help with education, and offer information about the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

Wig Out!
Last year, I donated 14 inches of my hair and waited until October to cut it so I could also incorporate Breast Cancer Awareness and fundraising. Do you know someone who’s planning to donate her locks? Get in touch with her and ask her to host a party at her salon, or see if the stylist will come to your home (we actually did mine at my stylist’s home!). Have your guests wear pink wigs + do your hair donation right there at the pop-up! You can also incorporate additional commission donations for every ‘Sparkle for a Cause’ piece sold and have those pieces featured at the event. Watch me at my donation event!

‘On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink’
Bring awareness to breast cancer by celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the film Mean Girls! Host a Mean Girls Wine Night and invite friends that love the movie (you know you have at least 10 of them!) to throw a film screening!!

Bring the Pink to Your Social Media

Announce the ‘Sparkle for a Cause’ collection with the creative assets available in your Content Center, and throughout the week, post images of yourself styled in your pink pieces or spraying c+i’s perfume, Jardins Du Midi! With each image, be sure to include information about Breast Cancer Awareness to educate your customers.

Post ‘Pink-Out’ images: pictures of yourself dressed in head-to-toe pink and showing off your pink pieces. In the comments, write about how breast cancer has affected you or someone you know, and be sure to use hashtags! Here are a few that I like to use: ‪#‎chloeandisabel‬,‪#‎sparkleforacause‬, ‪#‎supportlocal‬, ‪#‎nationalbreastcancerassociation‬ and‪#‎NFLsupports‬ (the NFL is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with their 4th annual national breast cancer screening initiative and fundraising campaign).

Create a ‘Sparkle for a Cause’ board. Include pink jewelry, Walk for the Cure images, ‘Pink-Out’ style, donation fashion, and short hair styles for those who donated their hair!

Whether you choose to pop up in-person or online, be sure to highlight this amazing campaign to your customers!

Training Links!!!

FREE holiday jewelry credits for YOU!!!!

Pop ups hitting 500 and more Oct 13th thru Oct 31st will get YOU an extra $100 in free jewelry credits to use!!! EEEEKKKKKK

What AMAZING timing as we have been talking about popups. For EVERY popup shop dated today through the 31st, you will get $100 in FREE jewelry credits when it reaches $500!!

You can also market this to high selling clients as a Spend $500, get $200 in jewelry free ($100 in host rewards and $100 from you if you pass down the credits and shop for them with your bonus!!)

What other creative ideas do you ladies have?

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Booking Up for the HOLIDAYS!!!!

The time is NOW!!!!!! Time to push those holiday pop ups for November!!! Magic happens in November and your BIZ can BOOM if you have a constant calendar and prep now for your business.
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