Stop the click

stop these things before it happens don't wait

The things that cyber criminals do

cyber criminals are dangerous most commonly these criminals hack into your computer and bank account. It can lead up to fraud or at least cost you up to thousands of dollars a minute. Though they are dangerous they can be stopped with easy steps. Even though they are easy they may save your private information and money.

Ways that they hack that you should try to prevent

1. one of the ways they can sneak into your computer is with pop-up adds that people click on and this allows them to download their spyware to hack into your computer anytime.

2. another most used way is threw emails where they pretend to be a organization you know.

These are the most used ways that cyber criminals get into your computer.

Things you can do to prevent cyber criminals and spyware

There is many ways to prevent attacks from cyber criminals

1. If you see a email from your bank or other business that asks you to fill in personal info and you don't know what it is about don't click on anything call them with a number that you know works if it is important and see if it was legit.

2.don't click on pop-up adds unless you know and trust it. It may even say anti-spyware but really if you click on it or any pop-up adds you don't know it may be a automatic download of spyware and then your in trouble.

3. If you think that you may have accidentally downloaded spyware get help with some one you trust and fix the problem as soon as possible before any big permanent damage is done.

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