Career Cruising

Your child has free online access to Career Cruising through E.A.J. Memorial High School.

Career Cruising is a global leader in online career development with a presence across 20,000 sites worldwide. Amongst many other features and functions, their interactive career guidance resource provides your child with the ability to do the following:

· Complete world renowned interest and skills assessments

· Search hundreds of occupation profiles

· Search thousands of post-secondary education options

· Maintain a living portfolio, My Plan

· Create 4-year course plans

· Create and export resumes and cover letters

· Maintain a journal for career development ideas

Get Involved as a Parent!

As the parent or guardian of a child with a Career Cruising account, you have complete access to Career Cruising’s Parent Portal which allows you to keep in touch with your son or daughter’s career and education planning progress! Through the Parent Portal, you can:

· View your child's goals, interests, achievements, and experiences

· Track your child's plans and progress

· Provide feedback to your child and his or her teachers and advisors

· Receive messages from your child's educators

· Explore Career Cruising to learn more about career and education options

In order to create a Parent Portal account, you will need an activation code. The activation code should be 8-characters long, including both letters and numbers, e.g. A1b2C3d4. An activation code can only be used once. You can obtain a code in one of two ways:

· From your child: Your son or daughter can send you an email invitation with a code through their account. (Please note: Some sites may have deactivated this option. If that is the case, please contact your child's school for an activation code.)

· From your child's Career Resource Coordinator, Sarah Scott. You can request one from her by calling the High School at (810) 591-2370.

Any Questions About Career Cruising?