The Lost Planet

Book By: Rachel Searles Book Review By: Jake Gooch

Book Summary

A boy named Chase Garrety wakes up and doesn't know where he is. He meets a boy named Parker and they go out and explore a planet in the galaxy. On the way they find an unconscious man in a wrecked ship and decide to rescue him. Then they figure out that he is suspected of destroying the planet Trucon. When the man wakes up, they all become friends and he lets Chase and Parker know that he didn't destroy the planet. Later a police force called The Fleet finds them and locks them up. Chase helps break them out and they get away. Soon after The Fleet finds them the man tells them he didn't destroy Trucon and they all live happily aboard The Fleet's airship.

Book Review

I thought this was a great book. It contained two of my favorite things, sci-fi and action. The book takes place in a solar system like ours and there is non-stop action. At times in the book it got a little boring but it always resumed the action shortly after. I would recommend this book to people like me who like lots of action because there is a lot going on in the story.