George Burroughs - Minister Hung

Who was George Burroughs?

George Burroughs was the Minister of Salem from 1680-1683. He had 2 wives and 7 kids. He later moved to Wells Maine in 1690 believing it would be safer and have less Indian attacks. George was arrested on May 20 in Maine and confessed to be a “witch” He was the first Minister to be hung and it took place on Gallows Hill. George didn’t believe that witches were actually witches and his first wife went to work as a servant for the Putnam which might have something to do with why Ann Putnam JR accused him in the first place. George tried to stop the witch trials too possibly because he thought it was nonsense.

George The Witch?

In Georges witch trials, Ann Putnam JR claimed to have been visited by George Burroughs two wives who said they had supposedly beaten and tortured by George. They also claimed that George had super strength and speed and had seen him travel faster than a horse and carry a whole barrel of molasses for great distances. Another man claimed that George cast a spell on him and his family causing their horses to fly through the sky. The man later claimed that George had blue lightning around his face and he cast the spell.

The Execution

George was named a baptist, and a wife beater and that is why he was so secretive. But how does that make him a witch? After all, before he was hanged he perfectly recited the Lord's prayer. It was rumored that he didn’t plead innocent or scream in fear and all he did was recite the prayer. After the hanging, Cotton Mather reminded everybody that “The Devil has often been transformed into an angel of light.” Burroughs was a refugee from Maine just like many others who were afflicted or accused. Georges secretive way and strict rule over his wives didn’t help him out too much, causing people to think he was a baptist. George Burroughs was a very secretive man, and the first minister hung. George Burroughs was born in 1652 and died August 19, 1692 as well as George Jacobs, and John Proctor. He had 7 kids and 2 wives. After his hanging his kids were executed as well as he was.
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