Learning Experiences for Academic Discoveries

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NAGC - National Association for Gifted Children -- A Resource for Social and Emotional Issues of Gifted Students

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1st Grade - Contribution

First Graders have been warming up on logical thinking/spatial reasoning with puzzles called XVOs. They also engaged in DOT DAY by imagining a WHAT IF of their own after reading a few pages from the book IF. They sketched their own whimsical ideaS using ipads to look at details to use in their own drawings. I am using Kaplan's Depth and Complexity icons with all grades, and first graders are focusing on DETAILS, combining those of two creatures, combining a creature with human actions, or combining a creature with a nonliving object. All of this leads to PERSPECTIVE (POINT OF VIEW)...How would this change our world? What would this be like? How would it change its habitat?
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DOT DAY is a time to make a mark, to explore creativity and to engage in self-expression. GT LEADers celebrated DOT DAY in a variety of ways. In 1st Grade, students created their own "If... creatures, in a whimsical way. In 2nd Grade, students made digital products with piccollage.

In Grades 3-5, students engaged in a game of dots and boxes as a warm-up, to think up multiple game strategies.

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2nd Grade - Systems

Second Graders have been working on deductive questioning with activities, like What's in the Box. We have been talking about the power of questions and using the Depth and Complexity Questions icon from Kaplan. Students have also been practicing if/then thinking and inferencing with perplexers. Lastly, they have been exploring our theme, Systems, by brainstorming ideas, going on a scavenger hunt to locate systems in our building, and then connecting their ideas in a piccollage.
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3rd Grade - Power

Third Grade students participated in creative problem solving, which included brainstorming and sketching a plan to create something out of the 9 materials. They have named their 3D creations, and next they will write an Alliteration story about their creations. They will set up mini-presentations to share their objects.

4th Graders - Exploration

Fourth Grade scholars have been reflecting on mistakes and lessons learned, and how a person can have a Favorite Mistake that will help him/her in the future. Students have almost finished their Doceri's on a favorite mistake. You can see their work thus far in their GT LEAD folders in their Google Drives.

5th Grade - Change

Fifth Graders have been working with a Hyperdoc built on the ideas of success, failure, GRIT, and The Power of Yet. They have given input and reflection collectively on a Padlet, and they have begun to brainstorm their past and future to create a Mind Map this next week. They will be focusing on their "Yets."