Ridge Circle Family Newsletter

October 28, 2022

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Fall Parade

Dear Ridge Circle Parents,

Halloween is Monday, October 31. In the morning, we hold our classes as normal. Students may bring costumes to school in the backpack or a bag. We will put them on starting at 1:15 pm. To help us with costumes, please send items that your child can put on and take off by themselves inside the classroom. Please note: weapons, blood, gore, masks, makeup or clown attire will not be allowed with your child’s costume. Our annual RC Fall Parade will start at 1:30 pm (outside weather permitting). Parents are welcome to come and see our parade outside in the turn-around from 1:30-1:45 PM. We look forward to fun fall activities/crafts/curriculum after the parade. Food is not permitted. Parents who have any concerns with these activities, we are happy to make accommodations. Please contact your child's teacher.

Thank you!

Healthy and Safe Halloween

Our school is committed to a safe and healthy learning environment for all students and staff. We know that you are also committed to the same and desire the best resources and support for your child and the youth in our communities. With Halloween around the corner, it heightens the concern of mistaking drugs or medication for candy. We ask parents and legal guardians to speak with their children about not accepting any food, treats, candy, or snacks that are home-baked, or that aren’t commercially wrapped and to discard anything that might have been tampered with or looks suspicious. Please be vigilant about the food, drinks, and snacks your child brings to school for lunch. They should not share food, snacks, candy, or treats at school. To celebrate the holiday, we encourage the use of non-food items. We do not tolerate bringing banned items to school. Please remind them that if they see or become aware of any safety concerns, to notify a trusted adult, a teacher, a school administrator, or the police. Our Let’s Talk is available for any questions.

Accidental Ingestion by Children by the FDA

Poisoning by the CDC

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RC Attendance Email

What should I do if my student is sick/tardy or can not go to school?

Ridge Circle now has an email that you can report your child(ren)’s absences and/or tardies!


ALL absences must be reported by a parent or guardian on or before the day of the absence(9am). Please provide the following information on the email:

● Child(ren)’s Name, Grade & Teacher

● Reason for absence:

Please state if your child(ren) is exhibiting one or more symptoms of COVID-19. The symptoms are:

Fever of 100.4 or higher, new onset of moderate to severe headache, shortness of breath, new cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, new loss of sense of taste or smell, fatigue from an unknown cause, muscle or body aches from an unknown cause.

Doctor’s Appointment, Funeral, Family Emergency, or another issue.

Attendance Line: 630-213-5600 ext. 5601

Front Office 630-213-5600 ext. 5640

Bilingual Liaison 630-213-5600 ext. 7112

Nurse: 630-213-5600 ext. 5803

Lost and Found

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Student Grades in Infinite Campus

Parent engagement is crucial to academic success, and as a District, we want to ensure our parents are informed and engaged in their child’s education. Infinite Campus is an online tool that gives parents and guardians access to their child’s attendance, teacher’s contact information, bus schedule (if applicable), and most importantly grades.

Visit u-46.org/reportcards for an overview of U-46 Student Progress Reports and Report Cards and instructions on how to access and navigate the Infinite Campus Parent Portal so that you are able to see your child’s in-progress grades. Remember that parents can customize the settings to be notified about assignment and grade updates.

Internet Safety For Parents

We missed you at the Internet Safety Event. Please check our of attached information to learn more and keep your child safe.

Special Thank You for Officer Ed for this presentation.

LAS Links Assessment

Dual Language students in grade 5 will be taking the LAS Links assessment between October 31 and November 14. LAS Links consists of 4 Spanish tests. (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) It assesses our students growth on their way to the Seal of Biliteracy at high school graduation. Student will be recognized for their Spanish Skills in the spring. Parents will receive the scores once they arrive.

Winter Coats

Ridge Circle has coats, hats and gloves donated by our community. If your child is in need of a new coat, please contact the main office.

Visitors to Ridge Circle

  • All visitors to Ridge Circle (during school hours) must have an appointment scheduled. Please call or email us to set up an appointment. Appointment enter RC at door 1.
  • Parents picking up a child during the school day is required to provide a valid ID. We check your ID to be sure you have permission to pick up the child.

Thank you for helping to keep our building safe.

News from the Health Office

It’s that time of year again when things that crawl and make our heads' itch become a problem. We expect a few cases of lice every year. While certainly not an epidemic, a few extra steps on your part will help to reduce the spread. Because research has shown that mass screening is not effective, the Nurses no longer screen entire classrooms. The best prevention is for you to examine your student’s hair on a regular basis and to remind them not to share combs, hats, scrunchies, barrettes, etc. If you notice they are scratching their heads, please look for the cause. If they have lice, please treat them and let the Health Office know. If you need information on prevention and/or treatment, please call the Health Office. There are many websites as well. Lice aren’t lethal, just a nuisance. We have only had one reported case all year! Thank you for helping us keep our students healthy.



The Dental Clinic is Coming to Ridge Circle!

Please look in your student's backpack for the permission form & return as soon as possible!

Kindergarten, 2nd Grade and 6th Grade students are required by the State of Illinois to have a dental exam completed before MAY of the current school year!

The In-School Dental Clinic fulfills this requirement, and is free of cost to students!

Morning Drop Off / Afternoon Pick Up

Drop off begins at 8:15am. (There is no supervision prior to 8:15am)

Before School Line Up Locations

Grade Kindergarten, 1st , 2nd by door 6 and 7 and enter door 5

Grade 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th on the basketball courts and enter door 4

**Bus Riders will line up by Door 1.

After School Pick Up

Students will exit the door they enter.

Critical Information

Our teachers need your child's pick up information. Please share with them whether your child is a parent pick up, walker, turnabout pick up, Boys & Girls club or older sibling picking up.

If you are driving your child to or from school, you must use the turnabout on Streamwood Boulevard. Drivers must stay in their cars. Staff will escort your child to their line up location. There is no parking in the turnabout.

Reminder--The staff parking lot is for staff. No parent parking or drop off is allowed.

We encourage all our parents to walk their child to school on the first days to see the traffic and better understand how drop off and pick up work.

** In order for our process to work, it takes patience. **

Food for reward or celebrations...

Ridge Circle has many students that are affected by food allergies. Due to this health concern, we do not allow food celebrations for student birthdays. We would love to celebrate your child's special day with items that all students will be able to enjoy. Individual items - such as pencils, erasers, stickers, or small toys - make perfect gifts. Another way to celebrate your child is by purchasing a whole class gift, such as a new book for the library or fun new game to use at indoor recess during those chilly winter months. We will continue to celebrate birthdays, however, we want to do this in a way all students can participate. Thank you for understanding.

Holiday Celebrations

As a District, we encourage students to make good choices around healthy eating and physical activity to promote positive outcomes. With the holidays around the corner, U-46 will continue this practice by promoting holiday celebrations with non-food items. To stay aligned with the USDA's Smart Snacks requirements, food-related celebrations or distribution of snacks to students to eat in the classroom during the school day will not be allowed. The USDA-defined school day hours are from midnight to 30 minutes after the end of the school day.

Unite for U-46

The Unite U-46 community engagement initiative allows us to develop recommendations on how to best implement the Board of Education’s vision on topics including the following:

  • Implementation of a true middle school model (grades 6-8)

  • Expansion of early childhood education

  • Addressing the educational adequacy and operational efficiency of our facilities

The Nov. 9 meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the U-46 Welcome Center, 1019 E. Chicago Street in Elgin. A virtual option will be available. To register for the meeting or view recordings of previous community engagement sessions, please visit uniteu46.org.

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Community Advisory Council Meeting November 3--Topic--School Safety

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Upcoming Events

10/31- Fall Parade at 1:30 pm

10/31 - 11/14 LAS Links (5th grade Dual Language Assessment)

11/6 - End of Daylight Saving Time

11/8 - No School Election Day

11/23, 11/24, 11/25 - No School--Thanksgiving Recess

Positions available in U-46

U-46 is looking for Para Educators, Noon Hour Supervisors and Substitute Teachers. Please go to U-46.org and click on CAREERS. Mrs. Raine is also available to talk to you about these amazing opportunities.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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Click here for Tutoring Opportunities

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Looking for Child Care Before and After School?

Ridge Circle is a Boys & Girls Club outside of school hours. If you are looking for excellent child care with academic support, recreation, daily meals, enrichment programs, and friendship, B & G is the place for you child. Most families qualify for free programing. Visit the website for more information www.bgcelgin.org

Ridge Circle Administrative Team

Please contact us if you need anything.

Janelle Raine, principal janelleraine@u-46.org

Anissa Lanotte, assistant principal anissaupshaw@u-46.org

Sarah Hansen, resident administrator sarahhansen@u-46.org