Technology Rules For Parents

By Hannah m

Top 10 Rules

1. Do not text and drive.

Texting and driving could cause you to get in a car accident, or it could cause you to injure others and yourself.

2. Do not post anything on any social media sites that is inappropriate. It could give you a bad reputation, and if it is really bad, you could loose your job.

3. Never copy work off of a website, it could result as a fine or loss of job,

4. Do not put personal information on the internet. Any one could find information about where you live or anything else possible.

5. Do not press on viruses on your device. It could mess up your device.

6. Do not comment anything on social media sites, that you will regret. It could hurt you later in life.

7. Do not use your entire name on media sites like snapchat, instagram, or facebook. Someone could fine where you live or get too much information on you.

8. Make sure all your social media sites are private, as for people could hack onto your account

9. Have a password on your device so no one can hack onto your device.

10. Do not send any inappropriate messages, they can be tracked down and used against you.