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Home and School Connection - October 25, 2019

Announcing our new parish name!

Last week at Sunday Masses, It was announced that the name of our combined parish is: Mary, Mother of Divine Grace. The name of our school will remain unchanged.

Pre-kindergarten goes to the fire station!

Even though it was windy, chilly and started drizzling on our walk back to school, we had a fun and informative visit to the Westchester Fire Department on Tuesday. Lieutenant Martin (PreK 3 Mrs. Martin's husband) and Firefighter Eric showed us where they sleep, eat and watch T.V. Then we all went into the big garage and explored a big red engine. They showed us their equipment including the jaws of life. When they are fully geared up they are 100 pounds heavier! The children asked all kinds of questions such as "Where do you brush your teeth?" and "Do you have a spotted dog?" and "Do you get to watch T.V. when you eat dinner?".

Good time had by all even though we got a little damp on the walk back to Divine Providence.

Halloween Happenings at Divine Providence

CLICK HERE for more information about dress code, costumes, parades and more!

Special Lunch Day - November 7th

This year's first special lunch will be on November 7th. FSP does not serve on these days. The order for special lunch must be in on or before Thursday, October 31st. Students who do order the special lunch MUST bring a lunch from home. Reminder- fast food deliveries are not allowed at any time.


Prayer can take many different forms. One of the most simple prayers is The Sign of the Cross! In the Gospel according to Luke, the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. This is when he taught them the Our Father. Did you know that we pray the our Father every morning in our morning prayers in school?

We pray for many different reasons. One reason may be to help us feel stronger, especially in times of trouble. At Maas, we pray for our Church, world leaders, for people in a time of crisis, those who are sick, those who have died, and we pray in thanksgiving for those that we love.

Tips for Praying
Divine Infant Jesus & Divine Providence Parish Bulletin

Please click here to view the Parish bulletin

All Saints Day - No School, please join 9 AM Mass on this Holy Day of Obligation!

November 1st is the Feast of All Saints and Divine Providence Teachers will be attending a Professional Development. This day is dedicated to all the Saints that are in heaven. Being a Holy Day, all Catholics are obliged to attend Mass on this day. Mass will be celebrated at Divine Infant Jesus and Divine Providence Parish on November 1st at 9:00 AM and Noon at Divine Providence 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM at Divine Infant Jesus Parish.

To learn more about All Saints Day, click on the picture to the left!

Need help getting your little one up in the morning?

Psychology Today offers this great site to help parents of young children get to school on time- every day! CLICK HERE

Family Mass on November 10th!

On November 10th all are invited to Mass at Divine Infant Church. This Mass is special because it is a "Family Mass". This means families from Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish will assist in all of the parts of the Mass. We will be looking for volunteers to assist at this Mass. We hope you will consider taking part and attending!

Uniform reminders- from our handbook

2019-20 DRESS CODE


General uniform policies for boys and girls are as follows:

● Students in preschool, prekindergarten, and kindergarten do not wear uniforms, but must adhere to the shoe/sock policy listed below

● Twill navy pants or shorts for boys and girls may be purchased at stores other than Schoolbelles, as long as they are uniform brands, such as French Toast or Lands End. Cargo styles and dockers are examples of styles that are not allowed.

● Divine Providence uniform sweatshirts, fleece jackets, and Spiritwear are optional and are the ONLY type of sweatshirts and jackets allowed in class

● Navy walking shorts may only be worn from August 20th until October 15th, and from April 15thuntil the last day of school

● Solid, dark colored belts are mandatory for all boys as well as all girls wearing uniform trousers or shorts. Belts should be basic (no designs, etc.)

  • Boys Grades 1 – 8

    ● White knit short sleeve-monogrammed shirt

    ● Navy dress twill trousers or shorts (within the designated time periods)

  • Girls Grades 1 – 4

    ● Round neck pleated jumper OR

    ● Navy dress twill trousers or shorts (within the designated time periods)

    ● Oxford cloth blouse, short or long sleeved, polo (Schoolbelles) or white turtleneck shirt

    ● Monogrammed knit over-blouse (polo), short or long sleeve, from Schoolbelles

    ● Optional approved uniform items: monogrammed sweatshirt and fleece jacket purchased at Schoolbelles;

  • navy blue (plain) cardigan sweater; any approved “Spiritwear”

    Girls Grades 5 – 8

    ● Kilt skirt or split skirt. Skirts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee OR

    ● Navy dress twill trousers or shorts (within the designated time periods)

    ● Monogrammed knit over-blouse (polo), short or long sleeve, from Schoolbelles

    ● Optional approved uniform items: monogrammed sweatshirt and fleece jacket purchased at Schoolbelles; navy blue (plain) cardigan sweater; any approved “Spiritwear

    Shoes and Socks for Boys and Girls:

    ● All students in grades PK – 8 must have shoes that are fully closed and/or tied. Light up shoes are not allowed.

    ● Boots may be worn to and from school, but not during the school day

    ● All styles of platform shoes, flip flops, sandals, slippers/moccasins, and “crocs” are a safety hazard and are therefore prohibited

Solid socks in red, navy, white, green, black and gray are allowed. Girls may wear solid color tights, nylons, knee highs, or crew socks.

Violations of the uniform code will result in an out of uniform notice being issued. Repeated infractions will warrant additional consequences.

Important Uniform Situations

It has been noticed that the uniform policy is not being correctly abided by. Please note that leggings worn to school must be removed before school starts at 8AM and can be put back on after the dismissal bell. Socks may only be a solid color- no prints


*****Only DP approved sweatshirts are allowed to be worn in school*****

NEW! School Advisory Board

Divine Providence School is starting the process to initiate a School Advisory Board. The school is strengthened through the working partnership between the leadership of the school, the parish and its stakeholders. By its nature, the board is advisory and therefore is commissioned to offer suggestions and advice regarding the vitality and continued success of the school. The board is a typically a three year commitment. Through this process we are looking for a variety of people to serve on the board! This includes school parent, parishioners and community members. If you would like to be considered for the board, please fill in the application. Applications will be reviewed before Thanksgiving, interviews will take place in December and the first meeting will take place in January.
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Original Works

The Original Works Price List has been sent home today and orders need to be in no later than Tuesday, November 12th

What about the weather?

We have all felt the start of Fall this week. As the weather gets cooler, it makes us start thinking about what is ahead of us. How cold will this winter be and how much snow might we get? I don't think anyone can give us this answer, so instead we prepare just in case it is bitter cold or we can't get out of the house, much less make it safe to school, due to the snow and cold.

Typically, you would get notified about students not coming to school through several different forms of communication- email, text message and phone call. While we try to give as much notice as possible if we think the school will be closed, it can come as late as one hour before school starts. ***Just because students do not report to school, doesn't mean they don't have work to do! Per an earlier newsletter, we have introduced "Alternative Learning Days". Students will have work either posted online or sent in an email regarding what work needs to be done. This link will take you back to beginning of the school year about "Alternative Learning Days"

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Important Upcoming Dates

October 26 - Middle School Dance

October 31 - FSA Spooky Halloween Lunch followed by our Halloween parade in the afternoon!

November 1 - NO SCHOOL, Teacher in-service

November 1 - All Saints' Day

November 2 - All Souls' Day

November 3 - Change Clocks! Fall BACK one hour!

November 7 - Special Lunch Day

November 8 - End of first Trimester

November 12 - Late start

November 15 - Reports Cards sent home

November 25 - Picture retake day

November 26 - 11:30 dismissal

November 26 - Parent Teacher Conferences 12:30PM - 8:00 PM

November 27 - 29 - NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

CLICK HERE for the most up to date school calendar (Calendar subject to change)

Recognizing DP Staff!

Our staff works so hard to make your child's day positive, educational, and spiritual. I would like to start a form that, when a staff member goes out of their way, we can recognize them. This recognition is called the St. John Baptist de la Salle award. St. John Baptist de La Salle is a Saint that devoted his life to teaching. He trained other people to be teachers. John urged his teachers to treat their students with love and compassion, making time for them and being concerned for their spiritual well-being.

Your recognition can take the form of a private "Good Job" to that staff member or we may post it here in our school newsletter- that is up to you! Anyone at DP can be recognized- teachers, teacher assistants, staff and administration. Thank you for taking the time. This will be available all school year! Click on the form below.

Have a question? Email your child's teacher!

All teachers now have their proper emails- including our new teachers. Thank you for your patience!