Synonym Bingo

Karleen Carlson

Grade Level Information

Grade Level: 4th Grade

Standard: L.4.3: Use knowledge of language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, or listening.

Objective: The student will identify synonyms

Concept/ Skill: The skill behind this game is word knowledge. It is designed to help students learn and incorporate more words into their everyday language.


Bingo Cards

Synonym Cards

Card Markers


I located this game with in the Florida Center for Reading Research. The game can be found under Student Center Activities Grade 4-5. The PDF for this game has all the materials you need to play. It only has two variations of the game board, I knew I would need more and found a website that generates bingo boards for free (Bingo Card Generator). I made 10 cards on the website and printed the synonym cards for the game PDF. From there I glued the printed bingo cards and synonym cards to card-stock so they would be sturdier for students use. I would have preferred to laminate them if that option would have been available.


The teacher gives one game board to each student.

Card Markers are also given to each student, they can also be placed in the middle of the group to grab as needed.

Teacher will read off words from the synonym cards and the students will place a card marker of the word on their board that is a synonym to the word being read. The first person to fill a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally yells bingo. The teacher will review the words the student has covered and if all are correct everyone will clear their boards and the game will begin again. If a word is covered that does not correspond with a word the teacher read the marker should be removed and the game continues.


This game could easily be modified several different ways. The first variation I would make is to use antonyms. It would be another fun way for the students to become familiar with words and their meanings.

Another variation I might add is that anytime someone calls bingo each student would have to write a sentence using one of the words they have marked on their card.