Science, Tech, Art, & Design Fair

*Make *Create *Innovate

The "Maker's Fair" is coming soon!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase your inventions, creativity, and talents. The Maker's Movement is a movement that is sweeping the world and inspiring people both young and old to become "maker's" rather than passive consumers!

Science, Tech., Engineering, Art, & Design Fair

Friday, May 15th, 3:30pm


Please see Ms. Akela for a registration form or with any questions!


2:30-3:30 Participant Set-Up

3:30 Design Showcase Opens

3:30 Lego Table Demo

4:00 Pendulum Drawing Demo

4:30 Squishy Circuits Demo

5:00 Awards Announcements

5:30 Pack-Up and Clean-Up

Inspiring a Maker Movement