Hippo Nation Human Capital Courant

Serve. Lead. Empower.

Volume III

The Vision & Mission of our work

Vision Statement: Hutto ISD aspires to be a premier choice in education through innovation, leadership, and diversity.

Mission Statement: Hippo Nation inspires excellence in academics, character, and community!

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Educators! Sign Up to be a Cooperating Teacher!


Please complete the following form if you are interested in being a Cooperating Teacher for Hutto ISD student teachers and teachers that need observation hours. Once your name is here, we will keep you in our pool for when we need Cooperating Teachers. If you currently are or want to be a Cooperating Teacher, please complete the form.

Cooperating Teacher Google Form

Thank you for your time and dedication to the future of education.

Department Spotlight!

Kudos to the Technology Department!

You have done an exceptional job with the laptop switch for employees and the distribution of Chromebooks to students!

You are quick to respond and your systems for getting technology help are fantastic. The people in the department are kind and helpful, no matter what.

Check them out on our website at https://www.hipponation.org/domain/145

Technology Support options can be found at: https://www.hipponation.org/Page/9200

**Kudos & Congrats on your Department Spotlight!**

Career Pathways & Opportunities - Reminders from last week!

See what FREE AID and GRANTS you can receive to go back to school! Free Application for Federal Student Aid which is referred to as FAFSA is free to complete and you do NOT have to accept the aid, if you so choose. It can NEVER hurt to see what you can get for FREE!


See what College Programs are RIGHT HERE IN HUTTO @ our East Williamson County Higher Education Center (EWCHEC)

Temple College (Both in Hutto and Taylor!)

A&M University-Central Texas currently offers coursework in the following areas at EWCHEC:

  • Business Management/Business Administration
  • Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Music/Fine Arts

TSTC: Programs Offered

Culinary Arts


HVAC Technology

Industrial Systems

Precision Machining Technology

Welding Technology


Colleges & Universities - Education Programs in Texas


COVID-19 Funding for furthering your education!


Free Application (Waiver) & Scholarship Info from Western Governors University


I am a non-U.S. citizen. Can I get federal student aid?


Become a Bilingual Teacher at Texas State!


Become a School Leader (Masters in Educational Leadership) at Texas State - Round Rock Campus! It's very close to Hutto ISD! Take night classes and become certified as a Principal!

Get your MBA at night in Round Rock; Great opportunity and the programs work for working individuals and parents.

Have you been promoted since you joined Hippo Nation? We want to give you a Promotion Spotlight on social media! Email me if you or someone you know has been promoted! You/They deserve to be highlighted!

Director of Human Capital

What does this position do for Hippo Nation? Serve. Lead. Empower.

Extension 1077 in Hippo Nation connects you directly to me!

- Dr. Almquist (@servingkids)

*Your passion, attitude, and touch change eternity.*

What is "Human Capital?"

Human Capital is the people of Hippo Nation and all that each of you bring to enhance the work within this district. According to the Oxford Dictionary it is "the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country."

What is a "Courant?"

The word courant is an older word which means newspaper! This is our 2020 courant!

Courant also means running according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Hippos run. We run to ensure that our students are getting the very best that they deserve and need. We run to ensure that the spirit of the River Horse never dies. If you didn't know, River Horse means Hippo; It is the literal English translation of the Greek word Hippopotamus!

Our Courant will be composed of topics that relate to career pathways, growing us as individuals, and other topics that relate to the human capital component of our work.

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