AIG Newsletter

Jones Intermediate

3rd Grade ELA

We have just completed our study of ancient Mesopotamia. Students wrapped up this unit by writing informational articles relating to Mesopotamia in areas of their own personal interest. We also really focused on writing as a process instead of a "one and done" kind of event. The kids were quite interested in this study! Because of their enthusiasm, we are going to continue on by learning and reading about ancient Egypt. We will practice nonfiction reading skills such as:
  • using text features to aid comprehension
  • determining text structure to aid comprehension (once kids get this concept, it can be really helpful in comprehension)
  • determining main/central idea
  • summarizing/paraphrasing information
  • drawing conclusions using evidence

We will also continue to work to improve our writing, thinking and creative skills within our study of ancient Egypt.

3rd Grade Math

In math, we are just finishing up a camping project for a unit on fractions, decimals and percents. Students have had the opportunity to:

  • determine decimal place value
  • practice converting fractions to decimals
  • practice converting decimals to fractions
  • determine percentages for various data

We will move on to solving word problems using these skills.

5th Grade ELA

Fifth graders have continued to read texts that, I hope, will continue to make them think about their technology use. We have read a poem and another short story that deal with the topic. We have focused on these literary skills:
  • summarizing text
  • main/central idea
  • drawing conclusions using evidence
  • comparing/contrasting themes
  • connecting text to our lives
  • evaluating text and its relevance

In the following weeks, I hope to allow the students to choose where they want to go with our reading time. One block of students had an interest in taking the story we read, by Ray Bradbury, and changing the mood of it, then acting it out. Others have had other creative ideas on what they would like to accomplish. So, we will see where the rest of our year goes!

Wish List Items

Some of you have specifically asked me what we need in our classroom so below are items that we can always use. I greatly appreciate your generosity!

1. pencils

2. notebook paper

Keeping in Touch

Please remember that you can always reach out if you have questions or concerns.