Glen Loch Transportation Newsletter

2023 - 2024 School Year

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Need to make a change?

Safety is our number one priority. All students will have one primary mode of transportation home daily.

Need a change?

  • MUST be sent in DAILY;
  • Must include the following: Child’s name, Teacher, Grade Level, Parent Name, Parent Signature, Best Contact Number to Reach Parent and the New Mode of Transportation for THAT day (must be dated);
  • We will not accept a change that includes multiple dates.
  • No changes will be accepted after 2:30 PM.

Ways to Change Transportation:

  • Send a parent/guardian signed transportation change slip or note in with your child the morning the change is needed;
  • Send a parent/guardian signed transportation change slip or note via email to

New for this year! Transportation changes will no longer be accepted over the phone.

Emails directly to teachers and/or other staff members will NOT be accepted due to staff members not always able to check their emails during the school day or possibly absent.

Glen Loch Admin


Do Not Email the Teacher with Transportation Changes


Arrival begins at 7:30 AM. Students are late at 8:00 AM. Students are absent at 9:00 AM.

Any student arriving at 8:00 AM or later should be walked into the school and signed in by the parent.

Ways to Go Home

Following are the options for getting your child home in the afternoon. You will pick one major, regular mode of transportation. You will communicate that one mode of transportation to your child's teacher.

BUS: A student is eligible for service if their home is 1 mile or further from the school. You will need your child's student ID # to register for bus service. Please use the link below to find your child's bus number, pick-up/drop-off locations and times. You need to register yearly for this service.

Bus Registration and Find Your Bus Route

English Flyer
Spanish Flyer

The school bus is the preferred mode of transportation.

CAR: Put your green car sign in the passenger front windshield. The car line starts moving at 3:10 and is usually completed by 3:30. The first few days will take longer.

DAYCARE: Call your daycare and confirm that your daycare provides transportation to Glen Loch.

WALKERS - All walker dismissal will occur at 3:10 PM.

KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST GRADE WALKERS: Kinder and First Grade Walkers will ONLY be released to their parent with a green pick up sign at the side of the school. All walkers will be dismissed at 3:10 PM. See the map below for Kinder and First Grade Walker details.

2ND, 3RD AND 4TH GRADE WALKERS: Will be released to walk on their own at 3:10 PM. Parents MUST sign a Glen Loch permission form stating we have your permission to let your child leave the campus on their own at 3:10. Staff will not match students to their parents. They will be released to walk on their own.

SEVERE WEATHER FOR WALKERS- On severe weather days there will be NO walkers. Students will not be allowed to walk or bike home. If this is your child's main mode of transportation, you will be asked to select a 2nd choice for severe weather (bus if eligible or car). You will not need to call the school when severe weather dismissal is announced. All students will automatically be sent home via your 2nd choice for severe weather.

**Note for returning families of WALKERS - We no longer match siblings for you. If you have a Kindergarten or First Grade child and you choose to have them be a walker you must pick them up at the designated door shown below. All 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade walkers will be released with no supervision at 3:10 PM.

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Kindergarten and 1st grade Walker Information

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Car Rider Dismissal

The first few days of school the car rider will be long and may take a while. Please be patient. We have years of experience with the car line and we can guarantee that after several days the car line will become more and more efficient as everyone learns together. Returning parents, be patient with new families as they learn our systems.

Our car system is very detailed and requires everyone (staff and families) to pay close attention and follow our procedures.

While in the car line, you must display your car sign in the passenger front windshield so that our staff can scan the barcode printed on the sign. (Pick up your pre printed sign at Meet the Teacher, or come to Glen Loch on the first day of school before 2:00 PM to have one made for you if you cannot attend Meet The Teacher).

When your barcode is scanned, our staff will tell you which number/cone your child will be waiting at. Please pull all the way forward. We have 6 stations and we need all 6 cars to be able to pull up to their station. If you do not pull all the way forward it does not leave room for the cars behind you to get to their stations.

If you do not have the green car sign, you will be asked to park in the front of the school. You will have to go inside and show your identification.

Please be in the car line before 3:30 PM. We consider 3:30 PM to be the end of dismissal time. If you arrive to pick up your car rider and there are NO staff outside on the front porch, please park, and bring your Drivers License to the front door. You will have to come inside and sign your child out for the day if you arrive after dismissal has ended.

Car Line will extend down Glen Loch Drive and wrap around Panther Creek along the Creekwood Park Lake PUT YOUR GREEN CAR TAG IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER OF YOUR WINDSHIELD. A STAFF MEMBER WILL COME TO SCAN THE BARCODE ON THE TAG.

Ride the Bus!

If you live outside 1 mile of the school, you are highly encouraged to register your child to use the CISD bus service.

Need to Pick Your Child Up Early?

If you arrive to check your child out after 2:30 PM we will NOT get your child for you. They will be dismissed at 3:10. You must arrive before 2:30 PM if you want to pick up your child early.

Label Your Child's Belongings

Each year multiple jackets, lunchboxes and backpacks are lost at school. The number one way to guarantee your child gets their items returned is to label them with their first and last name.

At the end of each grading period we will donate any lost items that are not labeled.

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If you need to create a Parent Access Account, please watch the video below for guidance. (Si necesita crear una cuenta de acceso para padres, consulte el siguiente vídeo para obtener orientación.)

Click here for Parent Access Accounts

Create a Parent Access Account today! You'll need your child's ID/Lunch Number.

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