Bahamas Travel Health Card

Getting a Bahamas Travel Health Card is your initial step in getting your health coverage. This card is very similar to the ones you receive from the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and other nations. They are issued by the government of Bahamas and allow you to buy prescriptions at pharmacies in the island country. It is also handy for getting regular doctor visits, dental hygiene, and overall check-ups.

But, there are differences between your Bahamas Travel Health Card and your regular card. The very first thing you'll see is that it does not have any policy for preexisting conditions. Most of the other cards provide coverage on this foundation. In case you've got a condition where you're predisposed to getting, such as diabetes or HIV, you might want to think about getting coverage before leaving for your trip. While the cost of these premiums could be higher, at least you know you're insured for any possible illness.

Another difference between the Bahamas Travel Health Card along with your typical card is the fact that it doesn't cover you if you are traveling to the island country for the first time or whether you have children with special needs. So long as you stay healthy before your trip and use the card to receive regular medical care, then you should be insured. Children over 18 will need a prescription for drug on arriving at their destination. When they don't have a prescription, an adult should meet the prescription, then give it to the child in person, or in the very least, the adult must bring a valid photo ID.

You can get your Bahamas Travel Health Card online or at the local pharmacy. You can apply right online or at your nearest branch. The forms are brief and simple to fill out. Just provide a little info about your own history of health care to the agents and wait for them to process your advice. You will probably get a response within a few times and then you will find a card with a sequential number that you can use to see what additional benefits and services you can receive.

Most travel health cards are good for one year, which means you can basically use your Bahamas Travel Health Card any time you would like to. Once you have completed traveling on your own Bahamas trip, you could always replace it or find a brand new one. There are no age limits or expiration dates on these cards.

Once you have your card, you will not need to worry about getting sick or taking medications abroad. When you get home, you can always check with your travel clinic to discover how to start taking your medications. You may even send them the card and they'll take it right then and there. No more worrying about forgetting important medications.