Zitzman 411

Game On- Week of December 10, 2018

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: Tiny Guitar Club @ 7:45am.

Tuesday: Boy's Floor Hockey Intramurals @ 7:30am. PLC's all day. Good News Club @3:40pm. PTO Meeting @ 6:00pm.

Wednesday: Boy's Floor Hockey Intramurals @ 7:30am.

Thursday: Boy's Floor Hockey Intramurals @ 7:30am. ZE Staff Meeting @ 7:30am. District Learning Walks @ 10:00am at ZE.

Friday: K-5 Evaluate Make Up @ 9:00am. Holidays Around the World Assembly @ 2:00pm in Cafeteria. Holiday Hat Friday.

Curriculum & Assessment

PLC Focus

  • Student Tier MAPs: Oct. & Nov. Math Evaluate
  • Student MAP Assessment Scores
  • Building Cleanliness

District Learning Walk

MVR-III Leaders will be visiting Zitzman on Thursday from 10-11 a.m. to look for the "GREAT" things our teachers are doing on standard 4.1, ACL, and Data Based Decision Making. The following classrooms have been selected as ZE Spot Lights for this Learning Walk: Holycross, Thate, Lee, Carlisle, Bruns, Menley, Sutterer, Tweeton .

***Everyone should do their part to make sure our building's cleanliness is at its best. My expectation is that classrooms do not have trash on the floor, classroom and hallway floors have a clear walking space for safety, and materials are put in their rightful spot. We all need to be proactive when it comes to the cleanliness of our work space (Staff Workroom and Lounge).

International Math Competition---Math Kangaroo

Here is an opportunity to challenge your higher level math students. Mr. Orris is leading an afterschool Math Kangaroo Club for students in grades 1-12. The meetings will take place in the Zitzman Elementary Library. A flier will be sent home in Thursday Folders.


By inviting students of any national or ethnic origin to the International Competition in Mathematics : Math Kangaroo we make an effort to:

  • Encourage students to master their mathematical knowledge.
  • Give them confidence in their ability for comprehending mathematics.
  • Help them understand how mathematics applies in nature's laws and human activities.
  • Develop their ability to derive pleasure and satisfaction through intellectual life.
  • Show that mathematical education is significant in every part of the world.


Counselor's Corner

Week of 12/10 (2nd week): 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade classes. Schedule is posted on the mailboxes.

Out of the building on the afternoon of 12/10.


Dyslexia information - the following link was included in our PLC information. I am on the district Dyslexia committee and my son has also been screened for dyslexia by an outside tutor. If you'd like additional information on what I have found either through the committee or personally, please come see me. I'd be happy to share!

dyslexia info

BOX TOPS - Please send any Box Tops to me for right now. Additional information will be posted on our next Leadership Day.

Literacy Events

The ZE Building School Improvement Plan states we will host two parenting events to support parents with improving student literacy. Please complete the survey sent to your email. I will expect all teachers to participate in one of the events with two teachers per grade level supporting one event and the other two teachers supporting the second event. Our Writing on the Wall event will count as one event. Together we can meet our goals for the students at Zitzman.

LiM Weekly

Lighthouse Announcements:

The Lighthouse Team has a new format being used for our meetings. Meeting notes and highlights will be posted in the lounge for ALL staff to view. Check out the information to stay informed on our journey with the LiM practices in our building. Click on the link to see the notes.


We have several student leaders conducting their job duties after they eat lunch. Those students will now be wearing lanyards to differentiate those student leaders. Always helping. Always growing!

Circle of Control:
This chart helps students to focus on the things they can control. For a given situation, list things you can control within the inner circle of the diagram (the Circle of Control). List things you may be concerned about but which are outside of your control in the outer circle (the Circle of No Control). For example for the situation "getting to school on time" items like "traffic" and "weather" would be in the Circle of No Control while items like "what time I wake up" and "getting myself dressed and ready for school" would be in the Circle of Control.


Habit #7: Sharpen the Saw. Sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have–you. It means having a balanced program for self-renewal in the four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Friday is a school-wide Holiday Hat day. A $1.00 donation is appreciated to support the Professional Learning Action Team. Student leaders will go to classrooms to collect donations.

PBL Idea

As we go into break here is a lesson that aligns with our community focus:

THis is a lesson where students will start a Volunteer Program at the school. This is a perfect time of year to get it organized, and it's something that can continue through the year and beyond.

Here's the link: http://www.pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=Community-Service_Volunteering-Program

Class Dojo

I am sure you all receive the Dojo emails but this one stood out to me....and if it is going to your junk or you haven't seen it yet I wanted to make sure to share it!

December is the perfect time to reflect and portfolios are the perfect place to do it! We’ll send a new prompt each week, so your class can build the reflection habit

Get prompt #1 in notifications

Haven’t tried portfolios...yet? No problem! It’s easy to get started. We’ll walk you through it here.