Alopecia Areata


What does Alopecia mean ?

The word "Alopecia" comes from the Greek word "alopex" for "fox". Foxes are less furry when afflicted with skin disease which causes them to lose hair .

What body system does the disease attack ? What are the symptoms ?

Alopecia is a auto immune disease meaning that its when the immune system attacks your body.

Alopecia happens when the immune system attacks the hair follicles causing hair loss .

The symptoms are :

  • patches of hair loss - often begins with a round, smooth, bald patch .
  • "Exclamation mark" hairs
  • Nail Problems - Alopecia can affect your fingernails and toenails . Sometimes nail problems are the first symptom of Alopecia .

What are the causes of this disease ?

How many people are affected by this disease ?

About 2% of the population is affected by this disease.

The Severity of this Disease

"Alopecia areata does not affect you as another condition might: it is not painful, it does not make you feel sick, and it does not result in serious health problems. You cannot spread it to other people, and it should not interfere with school, work, or recreation.But if hair loss is making you feel unattractive, it is important to talk to someone about it. A counselor can help, as can talking to other people with the same condition." - HealthWise Staff


  • Corticosteriods
  • Minoxidil
  • Anthralin
  • Diphencyprone

Other Facts about Alopecia

  1. There are also two other types of Alopecia ; Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis.
  2. The ways you can find out if you have Alopecia Areata is by having a skin biopsy and blood tests .
  3. Researchers in Japan found a gene that's responsible for hair loss .

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