All about Vietnam


The people that live here are Vietnamese. Vietnam is one of the poorest countries in the world having per capita income at $2,000. The climate in Vietnam is a tropical monsoon. Vietnam is a popular tourist destination because of its attractions like the Củ Chi tunnels which is a network of tunnels under the whole country of Vietnam. Or the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum which is a large memorial in Hanoi, Vietnam and it is where Ho Chi Minh signed the Declaration of Independence and establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
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Cultural Information

Pop culture in Vietnam didn't really start until the 90's with new artists arising and fashion becoming more popular. Things really hit in the 2000's with V-pop and more genres of artists from Vietnam. Now, pop music has improved tremendously from years past and Vietnamese music is spreading all across the world now. Random fun fact about Vietnam is that it is the largest cashew exporter in the world.
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Political Information

They have a Democratic Republic government in Vietnam. Vietnam has on the the longest continuous histories with a cultural history of 25,000 years.

Famous Event

The Vietnam War last for 21 years and it was a war between the Americans and the Vietnamese.
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Tourist Attraction

Imperial City is a walled fortress and palace located in the city of Hue which was formerly the capital of Vietnam.
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Vietnam is a developing country in the best way. Its got all the things it needs to a successful country like pop culture, tourist attractions, and a history that people are intrigued to.

Culinary Contribution

Vietnamese food is all about asian flavors. There is a lot of rice and noodles in Vietnamese cooking.