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Lily Kieser

What Happens When a Good Idea Goes Bad?

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This picture is of a little boy cutting his hair. He wanted shorter hair, so he decided to cut it himself. He thought that it would be a good idea, this would save his mom a trip to the salon. However he is not trained in cosmetology, so it did not go the way he planned. His mom probably got really mad at him.
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Real world Examples

For my real world example, I chose an aerial view of the atomic bomb exploding.

For my personal example, I thought back to the time when I tried to make my parents breakfast in bed.

Real World

I chose to use the atomic bomb as my real world example. We thought it would be a good idea to bomb Russia. They were attacking us, so we attacked back. We didn’t take time to stop and think about the affects our actions would have. we killed thousands and thousands of innocent people just because we didn't take the extra 5 minuets to think about the effect our actions would have. The atomic bomb is a real life historical example of what happens when a good idea goes bad.

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Aerial view of an atomic bomb explosion
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Once when I was 5, I tried to make my mom breakfast in bed. I thought it would be a good idea to make her a nice breakfast for mothers day, but I ended up spilling it all over her instead. She got mad that I spilled all over her new shirt.

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Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble WITH LYRICS- YouTube


I chose this song because it talks about how their relationship did not work out. She talks about how she new that he was trouble when he walked in. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but he ended up just being trouble.

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Book A: Gimme A Call

Why I Chose This Book

I chose Gimme a Call for this question because the book looked really good. I’d seen other kids reading it, so I decided to try it too. Gimme a Call is about a freshman who is not at all concerned about her future. One day she drops her phone into a fountain, and it stops working. It wont call or text or do anything. Except for one number. It only calls this one number. She calls it and she could never have guessed who picked up. It answers the question: What Happens When a Good Idea Goes Bad?, because the main character has some great ideas, but they don’t always turn out the way that she expected. Her and er future self talk on the phone on how they can improve theri life, but their great ideas don't go so well.
Gimme A Call - Book Trailer
I think that this book trailer really helps summarize the book. It gives a basic explanation of the plot, and includes some back round information that is relevant to the book.

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Book B :Divergent

Why I Chose This Book

I chose to read the book divergent because i’d already read it, and I really loved it. Divergent is about a girl named Tris who lives in abnegation. In her future Chicago world, there are 5 factions; abnegation, amity, erudite, candor, and dauntless. They represent selflessness, peace, knowledge, honesty, and bravery. Tris must decide whether to stay in her faction, or transfer to another one. Throughout the book, Tris battles with her feelings. She battles with being true to herself, and still being true to her faction. But which faction is hers? Did she choose right? Tris makes many hard decisions, and not all of them have the expected outcome.

DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth - Book Trailer
This book trailer gives the general beginning of the book. It advertises the book at the end. I love how it never shows the characters, because that way, you can make your own mental image

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Book C :NEED

Why I chose This Book

Need was not my first choice; but, it was my best choice. I ended up choosing need, because i'd seen it at the library before. I'd always wanted to read it, but had never gotten around to it. NEED is about a girl who's brother is sick. He needs a kidney, and fast. she gets invited to the need website, where all of your dreams come true, or so they say. Kalyee asks for a kidney for her sick brother, but the way that the website is planning on obtaining the kidney, is almost to much for her to handle. Was this really the best choice?