Vote For Me, John Adams!

By: Ava Pietropaolo, Anjali Patel, + Serena Salha

My Personal Background

I was born on October 30, 1735 in Massachusetts. I am also a Harvard graduate. I am a member of the Founding Fathers. I am also the first vice president of the United States.
Since I was the first vice president and the second president, I have a lot of experience to govern!
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My Political Political Ideas

I would want Loose interpretation of the Constitution. I also believe the federal government has implied powers. I have support for Britain instead of France because I believe we should be a strong country like them. I want protective tariffs. Also, there should be more emphasis on manufacturing. Finally, there should be rule by a wealthy class.

If I Was Elected...

I would focus on manufacturing, which allows people to make money. I would have more job offers given to the people. Thomas Jefferson would want to separate the government from the people, but if I was elected, we would all be one. If I was president, I would have protective tariffs. This would protect domestic industries from foreign countries. We would seem the like the stronger country!
Music of the 1800's Part 1
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