Strait's History "Smash" Books!

A new, fun way to begin class with writing and creativity!

What is a "smash" book?

A smash book is essentially a common term for a book smashed full of things that interest the owner of the book.

In history class sense, this book will be their warm up journal. In these journals students are encouraged to be a creative as possible and to really get into the random prompts and activities that they will do each day before class lecture begins.

How will this warm up journal be used exactly?

Every day as the students enter the class to begin we always had some sort of warm up activity. Now instead of typical warm up packets or decades old writing prompts students will grab their personalized warm up journals and begin with whatever crazy, random prompt is on the board! You never know what they may have to create!

Below you will find examples of journal pages (as soon as we create some !)

Entice creativity and the love of writing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this journal academic?

Just because this is a history class does not mean that every single journal prompt will be history related. This journal will be cross-curricular and sometimes not academic at all.

For some students to be successful they sometimes need motivation. Motivation sometimes is just the ability to be creative and to show their personalities. These journals give students a few minutes every day to have fun with their writing prompts and to exercise their creative abilities that are many times stifled through over-done writing prompts or excessive testing preparation.

For students to come to class and already look forward to the fun and creative warm ups will help ensure their success the rest of the class period and put us all in a good mood!

**Bonus: these books are theirs to keep at the end of the year....nothing like memories being made that you can look back on later and enjoy....or be thankful they finally grew out of "that stage" .

Any questions please contact Mrs. Strait