Digital Citizenship Project

Larry B. Period 5

Rule 1# Digital Etiquette

1. think before You post : A Digital Etiquette is a set of rules to behave online

Rule 2# Information privacy

Never give your personal information to a site you've or things that pop up on your screen first ask a parent or Guardian if it is ok.

Rule 3# Social Networking

Social Networking is a way for people to meet and communicate and do not add any friends that you don't know

Rule 4# Online safety

Make sure a parent is with you when you want to sign up for something never share your personal information to your friends or or strangers.

Rule 5# Cyber bullying

Cyber bulling is when you bully on the internet or messages or email it can includ

sending embarrassing photos and leaving someone out

Rule 6# Plagiarism

The act of setting someones work as your own You can't steal someone else words copying a source that you did't write is Plagiarism

Rule 7# Copyright

Leagael protections given to authors of creative work you have the right to make derivative works that means to add a song to make a video. No won can take thre things without there permission

Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is something yo have be careful with there are all these rules to help you use the internet.

why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citiazenship