Edgar Allan Poe


Poe's Life

Edgar was born on January 19,1809 in Boston, Massachusetts to two traveling actors. When he was young, his father left the family early on. His mom later passed away from tuberculosis when he was three. Death was a big part of his life because all the women he had loved had died of tuberculosis. His mom when she was three, his foster mom died when he was twenty, and when he was thirty-eight, his wife died.

His Career

His first written work that was published was Tamerlane, when he was 18. His most significant piece of work was The Raven. Some themes are love and death, because both had very big influences in his life.


Edgar Allan Poe's death was very weird because he disappeared for 5 days in Baltimore. He was later found at a bar, and was transported to a hospital. When he died, no one knew what or how he was killed. Poe started the trend of detective mysteries. nobody before him had written stories like that. A genre that Poe's work could fall into is detective fiction, romantic fiction, or death/eerie.

My Opinion

I think that Poe wrote these types of themes because either they interested them, or they had great impact on his life and changed him.