February and March in the Library

What's Happening?

Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Mrs. Burkhardt's Pre-Kindergarten Classes visited the library for the first time ever the week before February break! These 4- and 5-year-olds could barely contain their excitement as they learned how to find books that were interesting to them. Each student selected one book to take home and share with their families!

2nd Grade Classes

What would happen if you jumped off a swing and there was no gravity? What about if you wanted to use the monkey bars, but nothing was pulling you to the ground? 2nd graders are tackling those problems as they study forces and motion and apply their knowledge to their everyday lives on the playground. Students will use PebbleGo and discussion to expand upon what they have learned in their classroom. After understanding what forces and motion are, they'll be heading to the playground to take some action photos to illustrate these concepts. Back in the computer lab with the photos scanned onto their computers, students will draw arrows and label each force and motion. Stay tuned for an illustrated guide to forces and motion as seen on the Warrensburg Elementary School playground!

Mrs. Petronis and Mrs. Ciccarelli's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Petronis and Mrs. Ciccarelli's 3rd Grade Class headed into the library with biographies in hand. After reading biographies for their February book report. students used PebbleGo and other databases, including their books, to identify 4 to 6 important events in their person's life. After gathering the dates and developing descriptions about each event, students used Timetoast (a really neat Web 2.0 tool) to develop digital, interactive timelines about their person. Take a look at one that a student at Warrensburg did below!

Abigail Adams Timetoast Timeline

Mrs. Backus's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Backus's 3rd Grade Class is taking the research skills they learned while working on their England Information Pieces and putting them to use while they investigate China! Using World Book and Grolier, students will pull information from nonfiction pieces and create professional-looking brochures in Microsoft Publisher. If you're looking into traveling to China, make sure you consult one of their well-researched brochures first!

Mrs. Glebus's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Glebus's 4th Grade Class is heading back into the computer lab to research people they are reading biographies about. Having just used databases to work on their dog research, their skills will be in top shape as they search through Grolier, PebbleGo, and World Book for interesting facts about their people!

Mrs. Cyr's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Cyr's 4th Grade Class spent an afternoon learning how to use their new iPads! Students learned how to use the internet, how to open apps, and how to navigate the touch-screen. The fourth graders ended the day trying out new educational math apps. They were having so much fun it barely seemed like they were learning anything even though some math skills were being put to the test!