BY: Spencer Grindrod

Section 1:

In section 1, we talked about human migration,how and why people create cultural mosaics, and the balance and conflicts in a social group.

Human migration is the movement of people from place to place. Some causes of human migration is careers, tornadoes, war, natural disasters etc. they would also would probably want to move to place because of warm weather, good economy, or people.

Humans also create cultural mosaics to express

their culture. Here is a picture of one down below.

Also, humans love to be social so they created social groups. They like to form social groups with people who share similar ideas and beliefs. But not all social groups are good. Some social groups in clued terrorists and drug-users like I.S.I.S and the Drug Cartels with mexico.

Section 2:

Humans migrate for many reasons. some want to get away from the area because of severe storms, like Hurricane Katrina and terrorism, like the attacks on Brussels and 9/11. others also may want to migrate because they are attracted to something in another area like warm weather and beautiful beaches.

Humans also like to create Cultural Mosaics to express emotion, culture. or to remember family who have passed away. For example, many people who have moved to another country want to remember their family and foods they had in their own country.

The impact of different social groups can be good or bad. these can be organisations like I.S.I.S, a terrorist group or human cancer society, which is a Type of Charity. Your group of friends are also considered a social group.

Section 3:

This is how human migration affects my life. Every day, I walk from building ,to building to get to my Introduction to Foods coarse and my Spanish coarse. I also go to Canada every year for summer break.

I have seen humans make cultural mosaics and the are pretty cool. In my old school,( Chester Academy) there is a(n) mosaic on the wall with students on it. And i am one of those students on the mosaic, YAY!

I have seen how powerful social groups are Like in the Bullets And Ballots game. I was the army and wealthy, we trued to scillence the gorillas, But I was silenced by the Gov. :(.I have also seen terrorist groups on the news, Charities, and clubs like the Bible Club. Some characteristics about my social group, which is my friends and family is how we share similar ideas and viewpoints. Religion is big in my family because we are Christians. Me and some of my friends like doing similar activities, others not -so-much. The best example of power-shifts in social groups are the Republican and Democratic debates. And we also have learned about slavery, believe it or not, their are still slaves in the world . I learned that it takes 42 slaves to provide everything i own. When I found out about This, I was appalled.