Week 28

March 13-17


RF.K.3C Read common high-frequency words by sight.

I can read, write and spell my high frequency words.

We are continuing Sight Words this week. Make sure you are studying, and having fun with them. This week, students had a great time working on them in class.

The words of the week are:









**Make sure your child is working on their homework each night and is reading nightly.


K.OA.2 Solve addition word problems, and add within 10 using objects or drawings to represent the problem.

I can use objects or drawings to solve addition word problems.

This week we are focusing on word problems. Students will be learning how to read the problems, locate vocabulary "clue words" in the word problem, and represent the answer of the problem, called "Modeling".

A great way to learn about word problems is utilizing our school programs, ixl.com.

Here's how you log-in via the website:

first initial, last name@granitequarry

Lunch #

*There is an app that can be downloaded as well. You will have to access this via the app store, and the log-in is the same. There are great practice pieces, and we can access their data on this as well.

Students may also access Istation Math as well.

Birds, birds, birds!

TK.L.1.1 Compare different types of birds. To determine individual differences within a particular animal.

Students have been and will continue to study birds. They will explore different species of birds and identify differences and similarities between those different species of birds.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 14-Kindergarten registration. Do you know of any incoming Kindergarten students? We would love to see them and their parents at our Kindergarten Registration Night on Tuesday, March 14 from 4 to 6 pm.

Thursday, March 16-Science Night! Do you like to build things? Is your child curious about bubbles and what makes things "go"? Then, come on out to our science night and explore rockets, bubbles and more! Bring your kidddos, neighbors grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles. All events start at 6 pm.