By: Cole Esser

Exercise chosen by me

The exercise i chose was was weight lifting/indoor biking.
  • I chose these exercises because it is what i do year round and enjoy doing it.
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5 areas of fitness in chosen exercise

The exercises I chose include all five components of physical fitness. That includes cardiorespitory, muscle endurance, strength, flexibility and body composition.
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Questions and Replies

  • Current philosophy- I enjoy exercise, i exercise year round and participate in many sports.
  • I believe that exercise is a must. Exercise is medicine, makes you feel and look better it's self-driven and great for your long term health.
  • People who don't exercise lack motivation and are hurting themselves.
  • When I am an adult I plan on being involved in co-rec sports and lift and run year round.
  • I believe in all research and or information on exercise because I am a believer in that it has very many benefits for the individual.
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How i feel

  • Before exercising- I usually feel tired and or drowsy
  • During- I feel fatigued, pride
  • After- I feel energized and better about myself


One way i can continue to improve my physical wellness is set goals and stay motivated and always wanting to make myself the best it can be.
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