Black Eyes

Don't cry, I'll fix that black eye!

By: Nihar Tatapudi


The reason why I've decided to do this project is because I've seen many movies where children or adults have gotten black eyes or in my own life. It's always concerned me because usually in these movies, kids are scared to reveal themselves and the only way they know how to care for it is by putting sunglasses over it and away from their parents. Most importantly, black eyes are a common injury and in case I need to help out a friend, I will have the information to help them out.

What is a black eye?

A black eye is a blackening on the skin surrounding the eye due to bleeding underneath the skin in this area. The reason why the color shown externally may be purple is. Scares it is the blood underneath the skin coming through kind of like a hemorrhage around the eye. Rarely, these injuries are serious but only because it could lead to internal eye bleeding if not taken care of properly. Another serious injury that could occur would be a skull fracture. This would be a very thin fracture yet to the bones around the eye. This is most likely predominant if you have double vision, raccoon eyes, or often nosebleeds.

Mayo Clinic's rules for treatment

  1. Using a cold pack or cloth filled with ice, pressure gently on the area. This could be repeated multiple times daily for 1-2 days. If you do this right away, it will reduce the swelling.
  2. Look for blood and if you see this in the eye, go to urgent care.
  3. Any vision problems, pain, raccoon eyes, or bleeding go to medical care as well.
  4. After a few days, the swelling will stabilize and the perfect task would be to apply warm water in a pack to the area. Repeated multiple times daily for 1-2 days.
  5. Do not remain in an horizontal position. Stay elevated and when resting, have extra pillows underneath the neck and head to decrease the swelling.
  6. Do not lift heavy weight or exercise which could cause more bleeding under the skin.

Medicine for treatment?

When getting a black eye, symptoms such as the ones above are somewhat prevalent. What is usually going to happen is pain by bleeding. Some proven medicines that could aid the pain would be Tylenol. DONT USE: Advil, ibuprofen, or Motrin. These increase the bleeding.

What does the cold pack do?

This helps to reduce swelling by restraining the blood vessels. This stops the bleeding underneath the skin. If you decide to call the doctor, it's most likely a waste of time because he or she will recommend the same thing.

What does the heat pack do?

This helps by stabilizing the skin color and relaxing the blood vessels. Ultimately, the hot pack should be used at the end of treatment to bring your eyes back to better health.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Pain (fracture)
  • Redness (bleeding underneath skin)
  • Swelling (imminent after receiving a black eye)
  • Over time, the color will change from "blackish-blue to brown, green, or yellow"
  • Bruise may go to your cheek and spread further down
  • Duration: 3 weeks