A Peak into Mrs. Parker's 4th Grade

Back to School, Writing, and Science oh my!

We have transformed into Wondrous 4th Grade

Welcome back! As you can see from the picture, our classroom has come a long way! The students have helped to create a thriving learning environment. If you happen to walk down our hallway, you will see their wonderings about 4th grade on our bulletin board. The students have also shared their goals in the balloons above the 4th grade hall.

Meet the Teacher and Parent Orientation

It was wonderful to see all of you at Meet the Teacher and Parent Orientation. The support that you provide for your students is amazing. You make the difference everyday and I am honored to partner with you in your child's education.

Writing a Seed Story

We have jumped right into writing and are looking forward to seeing the world as writers. We will grow as writers with our "Writer's Notebooks". We have began to generate ideas to write with our heart maps, crumb lists, and expert lists. I encourage you to help your child see the world as a writer. If they have an exciting game, or a family celebrate, or just a funny story, encourage them to add it to their Writer's Notebook at school. We will be working on a Seed Story (small event) as well as a Personal Narrative in the weeks to come. Also, our trip to Blue Bell will be a shared experience to write with our senses. We live writing every day!

Science, oh my

We have identified what a scientist is, what they look like and what they do. The students are seeing themselves as scientist. We are learning science safety and the scientific method. In the next few weeks, we will explore the properties of matter. It is amazing to see their excitement to learn and discover each day!

Visit my website for information on the Science Fair, November 26th. You will find resources for science fair research projects!