Mackensie Bagstad


ESFJs are generally extroverted. This means they are outgoing, talkative, and enjoy being around other people. ESFJs don't mind being the center of attention.


ESFJs are observant. They take in the world around them. They are quick to notice things, and are usually very alert.

The Feels

ESFJs usually let their gut make the decisions. They make decisions based on their feelings. Some people see this as a set back, some see it as a good thing.


ESFJs are prone to judging. Whether they mean to or not, it just happens. But just because they judge you at first sight doesn't mean that's how they'll think of you forever.


ESFJs are assertive. They like to get their way, and make it known that they like to get their way. However just because they're assertive doesn't mean they're rude or obnoxious.