Ratifying the Constitution

Ten important points.

Federalists Vs Antifederalists.

  1. Antifederalist- people who opposed the Constitution.
  2. People that were involved that did not support the Constitution were Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry.
  3. Federalist- supporters if the Constitution.
  4. People that were involved that supported the Constitution were James Madison, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton.

Federalist Papers.

5. Federalist Papers- These essays supporting the Constitution were written by an anonymously name.

6.George Madison made sure that if there were any small groups that they would not dominate the government.

7. The Federalist Paper were reprinted in the newspaper around the United States, during the same time the debate over the Constitution.

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Bill of Rights

8. James Madison wanted the Bill of Rights to be the governments first priorities.

9. The rights would then be added to the Constitution as amendments or official changes.

10.By December 1791 the state ratified the Bill of Rights intended to protect citizens' rights.