Happy New Year! Feliz ano nuevo!

Taking Action in 2021!

Message from the Principal

Never before have we been so ready for a new year. January is always a time to reflect on our previous year and those things we promised ourselves. I'm sure it is safe to say that the pandemic of 2020 threw us all off our "game plans". I'm here to say it is not too late to set new plans for 2021. Regardless of the current climate with the pandemic, each of us has the power to control our own individual actions.

My challenge to the community (students, parents, employees, Alief community members) is for you to reflect on your actions in the following areas:

  1. What did I contribute to my family in 2020? And what can I do (actionable) to make a positive impact that will support my family in 2021?
  2. What did I do to help support my community in 2020? And what can I do (actionable) to help my community in 2021?
  3. How well did I perform/assist in the academic achievements of 2020? And what can I do (actionable) to ensure academic achievements in 2021?

Now to hold yourself accountable, write down your "actionable" tasks. I encourage you to start with small, simple and realistic actions. For example, wash dishes every week day night (family), volunteer once a month at my church (community), spend 1 hour a day completing/reviewing school work (academic achievements). If you're struggling with creating actions, I encourage you to communicate with a family member or school employee to help you develop your actions/tasks. For it is in what you will DO, that will make a difference in 2021!

Ms. Sprang

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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day - January 9, 2021

Take a moment to show an officer how much you appreciate their difficult work, sacrifices and risks to help maintain a safe and orderly community.

Alief Police Officers, we thank you for your support in maintaining our safe and orderly schools and communities! You truly make a difference.