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January 29, 2015

In the beginning

In the beginning, The Mexican generals and other high ranking officers were mad because of the Lamar administration. They were upset by his actions and rules. In the spring of 1892 A general named Rafael Vasquez led an attack on Texas with approximately 700 Mexican soldiers in the capital at the time. This was San Antonio, and they also attacked the city's of Goliad , Refugio , and Victoria. Vasquez returned to mexico quickly after raiding the villages. A lot of the Texans got scared because of these attacks and worried that they might be next.The government decided to take the archives to Houston so that they would be safe.



Angelina Eberly

: Angelina was born to John and Margaret (Hamilton) Peyton in Summer County, Tennessee. In 1818 she married her first cousin Jonathan C. Peyton. They opened an Inn and Tavern in San Felipe De Austin from 1825 to 1834. In 1836 she met and married Captain Jacob Eberly who was a widower.They lived briefly in Bastrop, Texas and moved to Austin in 1839, opening the Eberly House. On October 18, 1839, President Mirabeau B. Lamar and his cabinet dined in her tavern and his successor, Sam Houston., resided at Eberly House rather than the presidential mansion. Jacob Eberly died in 1841.In December 1842, Houston ordered the secret removal of the archives of the Republic to safekeeping in Washington-ON-The-Brazos. Mrs. Eberly, realizing that the symbols of national government were being removed from the city, fired a six-pound cannon into the General Land Office Building

Sam Houston

:Houston was born into a military family in Virginia in 1793. His father, an army major who had served in the Revolutionary War, died when Sam was fourteen. His mother took their family to eastern Tennessee, where Houston spent much of his later childhood in the company of Cherokee Indians, coming to know their language and customs well.His involvement in the War of 1812 launched Houston's political career. He served under Andrew Jackson in the campaign against the Creek Indians, allies of the British. After the war, Jackson was instrumental in securing Houston a position as an Indian agent to the Cherokee. Houston also began to study law and was soon elected the district attorney in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1823, he was elected to Congress, and reelected in 1825. Two years later, in the midst of his re-election campaign, Houston and his new wife, Eliza Allen, separated. Rumors of infidelity and alcoholism swirled around him, and in April 1829 he moved to Indian lands in Arkansas. This portion of Houston's life is poorly documented, but it appears that for a time he had a Cherokee wife, Tiana Rogers, ran a trading post, and drank so heavily that he was widely known to the Cherokee as "big drunk." Nonetheless, he made yearly trips to Washington, D.C., for business relating to Indian affairs.

Mirabeau B. Lamar

:Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar was born on August 16, 1798, near louisville, to Rebecca and John Lamar. He attended public school in Eatonton and Milledgeville but, due to financial concerns, decided to forgo college. In 1819 he opened a general store with partner Willis Roberts in Cahawba, Alabama, and purchased an interest in the Cahawba Press newspaper

Attacked by our own men?


The residents of San Antonio were unhappy with the idea of moving the archives and they opposed it. Angelina Eberly led the residents to a wagon where the archives were being loaded and fired at the men loading it. This was a short conflict called the archives war. It ended quickly and the documents were transferred to Houston. Eventually our capital became Houston and its a good thing to because soon after Houston left San Antonio the Mexicans invaded with a force of about one thousand four hundred men.
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