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Why School - Community - Stakeholders.... A Partnership?

In school–community partnerships, schools must commit to engaging the local partners. There are many strategies a school could implement. Welcoming community partners and giving them the chance to assist in implementing important health and wellness changes will help the school's initiatives, and the team's work as a whole, be more successful. Community leaders and businesses are realizing that they have a vested interest in the welfare of the students in their area. When they have a genuine commitment from the principal, health team, and students, community stakeholders are able to work in partnership with the school to provide needed services. (Tasco, 2013)

Help us Sustain ......

"Sustainability is the ability of a staff to maintain the core beliefs and values (culture)

of a program and use them to guide program adaptations over time while maintaining improved or enhanced outcomes."

-adapted from Century and Levy, 2002

“Effective programs to engage families and communities embrace a philosophy of partnership. The responsibility for children’s educational development is a collaborative enterprise among parents, school staff, and community members.”

Henderson and Mapp, 2002