CRO-Vineyards Council Update

November 14, 2015

From Char......

HS Technology- The HS table tablet has arrived. The Promethean company will provide staff development next week for the entire faculty (plus Char). The teachers are very excited about this new tool which will be located in the lab for all classroom teachers to use. Word has it that the Wii Fitness and Activ Boards are a huge success and are being used in PALS Club Tech and Physical Education classes.

HS PALS-Parent As Learners Program (CRO-V and United Way Partnership)- Word gets around quickly at HS..the October PALS meeting had over 200 attendees. Donna had to open a classroom for the dinner overflow. Wendy's provided a chili and chicken nugget dinner. The frosties dessert distributed by United Way's Juli Capaldi was the real winner! Please look at your calendars and try to attend one of the next four PALS meetings from November through February, 2016. It is rewarding to see in action the results of all our past fundraising efforts. A special thanks goes out to Mary Steele for volunteering to serve the parents at the October meeting.

Staff Development- Besides the Activ Table workshop, eight SDPC staff members (plus Char) will be visiting the number one school district in the nation located in nearby Moorseville, North Carolina. HS will surely steal some best practices, especially in the field of technology.

HS Christmas Angels-Thanks to Linda McGimpsey for taking over the organization of the 2015 Christmas Angels as the Delph's prepare for their upcoming Vineyard's move. Don't forget to contact Linda to adopt one of our 15 HS children in need this Holiday Season.

Treasurer Kuddos-A big shout out goes to Linda Govreau who monthly volunteers numerous hours to keep the CRO Vineyards books up to date. Linda is a valuable member of the CRO-V team!

2016 Spring Terrific Tuesday Academy and Testing Dates-Keep this time of the year on your radar as we will need volunteers for the state testing dates and for the after school Terrific Tuesday Academy. As soon as these dates are verified we will send out to the entire Vineyards community.

Next Meeting Date-hardly any response (except from Kris) about a December potluck meeting. So how about we delay a meeting till after the Holidays in mid January? (Is anybody out there?)

Thanks to YOU Council Members, CRO-V is making a difference for teachers, kids, and families in Pickens County!

Happy Holidays! And don't forget to sign up for the Flotilla on Sunday, December 6th. Help keep the Vineyards Lake tradition alive!