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November 3rd, 2023

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From the Principal

Dear Panther Families,

On behalf of the entire school community, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your participation in the recent Panther Prowl Fun Run/Walk, and for your unwavering support of our school.

We are incredibly grateful for your generous contributions, which will directly benefit our school programs and initiatives.

Your commitment to our school's mission and dedication to our students' well-being is truly

commendable. By joining us in this event, you have not only encouraged physical fitness and healthy habits but also demonstrated the importance of community engagement and teamwork to our young learners.

Once again, thank you for your invaluable support. We are privileged to have such a wonderful

community of parents who are actively involved in their children's education.

Together, we can continue to create a nurturing and inspiring environment for our students to thrive

With sincere appreciation,

Mr. Springer

Dates for your calendar:

November 8: There will be a public hearing to discuss the proposed new Open Enrollment Policy. This meeting will be held at the District Office and is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m.

November 15: All school Site Councils are invited to meet together to review the Open Enrollment

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Counselor's Corner

Happy Fall!

It finally looks and finally FEELS like fall!

I want to thank everyone that came out and participated in our First Annual Panther Prowl Family Fun Run/Walk. It was a lot of fun and I am proud of how our school community came together. We raised $1200 that will be used to support Prairie Creek Families during the holidays. Your generosity makes Prairie Creek a great place to be.

I will be sending home a survey in messenger for any families that need assistance during the holidays.

During the month of November our character word is teamwork. Teamwork is the ability to work in unity with others towards a common goal. We will discuss how we can listen, encourage our peers, and allow and invite others to contribute their talents and skills.

Thank you for making Prairie Creek Elementary so exceptional!

Ms. Hunt


Symphony for Grades 3-5

Saint George's Sword and Bow

Wednesday, November 8th

Grades 3-5 will be attending the Wichita Symphony Young People's Concert on Wednesday, November 8th.

We must leave right at 8:45 a.m. so please have your children to school on time.

Going to the symphony is a special event so please have your child wear their nicest clothes, however, I am not asking you to purchase anything new.

I'm so excited for our students to see the instruments of the orchestra up close and personal.

Thank you to PTO for providing us with a grant for the buses. Can't wait for next week!


Prairie Creek Elementary was well represented at District Honor Choir held at Christa McAuliffe Elementary on Saturday, October 21st

These students were wonderful representatives for Prairie Creek.

Congratulations to Justin B., Kaedn E., Bailey N., Daisy R., and Finley W.


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From the Library:

The Book Fair was a HUGE success!

THANK YOU to everyone that attended and purchased books for their children and for the many books purchased for the library and classrooms.

A HUGE thank you to Prairie Creek PTO for all their help with the book fair!

Thank you to the volunteers who took time out of their busy schedule to help each day! Appreciate your help!

Mrs. Salmans

Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Contest

Several Prairie Creek Elementary fifth grade

students will be competing in the Nationwide Fall

Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Contest on Friday, November 10th.

The contest is a self-scoring, computer contest of 100 multiple-choice questions to be answered by the group.

Areas that will be covered include math, geography, government, sports, spelling, science, literature, English, history, general information and just plain fun trivia.

Several students will select the team’s answers on

the computer, while the others will read through the

questions and answers as quickly as possible to

determine the best answer. Each question offers

two chances to answer correctly. Points will be

awarded based on how fast the question is

answered by the group, as well as how accurately.

No adult assistance will be given!

The 2023 Fall Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl team members include:

Kash B., Priyash K., Melinda M., Lakynn S., Finley W., Kaedn E., Elias H., Quentin L., and Eve S.

Best wishes to the team!

Spelling Bee


We are all so excited to find out who the Prairie Creek school spelling bee champ will be at our competition scheduled for Wednesday, January 17th at 1:30 p.m. in the library.

The classroom champions have been chosen, study lists have been given, and the anticipation is mounting.

Best of luck to all of these hardworking spellers:

3rd Grade – Asher I.E., Adleigh R., Jaxon M., and Lily B.

4th Grade –- Sarayu M., Emry J., Alisa R., Dexter C., Avanish Z., and Shay S.

5th Grade – Finley W., Grant M., Priyash K., and Savanna L.

Mrs. King

Student Council News

Student Council Prepares for Thanksgiving Fundraiser

By Finley Watson

Luckily, our student council Halloween costume drive was a success! Hopefully all of the families that need costumes get them!

This November, we plan on having a Thanksgiving coin drive, which will lead to a Pie in the Face assembly before Thanksgiving break.

We’re not asking for lots of money, just loose change or any unneeded coins. Students can participate by dropping coins into the jar with the teacher’s picture that they want to see pied in the face at the assembly.

The top three teachers with the most money in their jars over the course of the first two weeks in November will be our winners! We have many staff members participating, and we know we can make it a great interactive fundraiser for everybody at Prairie Creek.

Tune in next time for all of the updates on StuCo’s events!

PTO Update

Let's have some fun before the busy holiday season starts!

November 7 - Chick-fil-a Restaurant Night, 530-730pm at BOTH East side locations (be sure to mention Prairie Creek Elementary!)

November 9 - Stuffy Sleepover - bring $2 and a stuffed animal. Your stuffed animal will spend the night at school and might get into some shenanigans! Pre-K and EC will get to take their stuffy home on Thursday!

November 9 - PTO Meeting, 630pm in the library. Come hear the rest of the teacher grant requests and help make some magic with the Stuffy Sleepover!

November 10 - Family Trivia Night! Doors open at 530, Trivia starts at 6pm. There will be some silent auction and raffle baskets! Concessions will be available.

November 20 - Pizza Hut Night, 4-8pm, Andover location only. (Be sure to mention Prairie Creek!)

November 25-26th - Get some holiday shopping done with the Kendra Scott Give Back Online Event!

November 26 - Come on in and shop in store from 1-3pm for the Kendra Scott Give Back Event!

Stay tuned to our facebook pages for more detailed flyers as events get closer.

Prairie Creek Elementary PTO

Prairie Creek Parents (Andover, KS)

Feel free to email at:

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Family Talk

November Family Talk

Did you know that practicing gratitude has a positive impact on your brain and body? This month, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to learn about why this simple practice is so beneficial for all of us! Read more at to find out the benefits and to get a fun challenge for your family to do together!

Family Support for Success

We are excited to share a brand new opportunity for families in Andover! Have you ever had questions about how to support your children or their learning and not been sure who to ask? Take advantage of our program that will connect you with our district’s Family Engagement Consultant, Alysia Rich, for a one-on-one conversation to discuss your specific questions. Some ideas about topics to discuss are:

  • understanding grades or assessments

  • how to establish routines and habits at home

  • how to best support your child’s learning

  • behavior and responsibility

To sign up for a one-on-one session please complete this form and Alysia will contact you.


* If your student will not be at school:

  • Please notify our office so we can excuse your child's absence.
  • If your student has a pre-planned absence and will be out for more than three consecutive days please let the office or teacher know so an Extended Absence form can be completed.
* If your student is late or returning from an appointment:
  • Please call our office at (316)218-4830 to let us know your student will be late and if a school lunch is needed.
  • Office staff will check students in. Parents do not need to accompany their student, unless other information needs to be shared.
* If you are checking your student out for an appointment or for the day:
  • Please call our office at (316)218-4830 to let us know your student is leaving. We ask if you are picking your child up for the day, you do so before 3:15.
  • Office staff will sign out your student electronically for you.
  • You may wait in your vehicle outside, at the curb, and we will send your student out upon your arrival.


A reminder that you need to send a note to your child’s teacher, or you can call the office, if their after school routine is different in any way. This communication with your child’s teacher is of the utmost importance. Without notification, your child will be dismissed in the same manner as indicated by the parent at the start of the year.

Car Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

With colder weather upon us and many more car riders, we want to send out morning drop off procedures again. This will be a smooth procedure if we are all on the same page. Doors open at 8:35 and we ask that students remain in their cars until this time. There is no outside supervision prior to 8:35.

The drop off line works the same as pick up. The line goes from our parking lot to Yorktown to YMCA Dr (by Farha Sports Center). When the line is outside our parking lot, please go to YMCA Dr, turn around in the Farha parking lot, if necessary, and get in line from there.

In order to get all students inside quickly and efficiently, please follow these rules:

  • Pull all the way up to the next open cone. Do not just stop at the crosswalk.

  • When you are by a cone, please have your student gather their things quickly and get out of the car.

  • If your child needs help getting out of a car seat, we ask that you pull into the parking lot to get them out and walk them across the crosswalk. *Parents must walk with their children, not just send them across.

  • If you are at the crosswalk, please wait until a staff member has told you to cross. We try to keep the cars moving, in order to let out as many students as possible. When there is a break with students getting out, then we will have you cross.

  • Doors close at 8:45am. All staff at these drop off doors have classrooms to be in at that time. At 8:45 you will need to drive around to the front and let your student enter the front doors.

  • Only students may come in at the west side doors. Parents are welcome in the building, but you must enter the front doors and sign in at the office

  • In order to do your part and help the car rider line move quickly, please make sure your student has shoes tied, backpacks handy, etc and are ready to exit when it is your turn.

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  • November 6- No School
  • November 7- PTO Chick-fil-a Night 5:30-7:30....either East location
  • November 8- 3rd-5th to Young People's Concert-Century II
  • November 9-Stuffed Animal Sleepover
  • November 9- PTO Meeting 6:30-7:30 pm
  • November 10- Family Trivia Night 5:30pm
  • November 20-Pizza Hut NIght 4-8pm
  • November 20-24 - Thanksgiving Break
  • November 25&26- PTO Kendra Scott give back to Prairie Creek
  • December 7- PTO Meeting 6:30-7:30
  • December 11-15 -Holiday Shop
  • December 14th- 5th Grade Band Concert @ 2:00pm
  • December 20-- Early Dismissal- 1:45 pm
  • December 21- January 4--Holiday Break
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