GSES Pre-K News

A Peek Into Our Week

Field Trip- Wednesday, April 6th from 11-1


As part of our pond life unit, we are planning a visit to the creek at Northaven Park, just up the road. We will use our GSES bus to transport students to the park. Students will need to bring a sack lunch from home (no Signature Services lunches), and may wear jeans with TENNIS SHOES. There are some thorns near the stream, so we want all of our little legs to be protected. We will have a picnic, enjoy a scavenger hunt, and explore along the creek.

Grandparents' Day

Save the Date: April 21st is Grandparents' Day for Lower School

On this special day, grandparents or a special friend may join your child for the morning for a special chapel service and a visit to the cottage. The children will love showing off their work, taking their guests to their favorite centers and participating in other exciting activities with their guest(s). More information will be coming out soon.

Attached is the permission slip if your child plans to leave with their grandparent(s) for a special afternoon.


The students are very excited to begin writer’s workshop! Each student has a journal where they will record their thoughts and ideas using drawings and beginning sound spelling. We will begin with simple lessons such as where journals belong in the classroom, parts of a journal, page orientation such as left to right progression, top and bottom of the page, and how to record the date. In the writing process, we will be using picture books to support the students’ thinking. Once these concepts are established, students will begin to view themselves as writers. Don’t be surprised if your child begins to start making books, writing notes and asking you, “What does this say?” The best answer is always, “What did you write?” It takes the pressure off you to decode their message. Have fun and celebrate your budding author!

Handwriting Without Tears

Letter W:

Begin in the writing corner.

Big line slides down.

And up.

And down.

And up.

Pre-K to Kindergarten Upper Case W- Wet Dry Try (Handwriting Without Tears) எழுத கற்று


As we continue our pond life unit, we will discover why a pond makes a successful habitat for plants, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and animals. Students will observe, investigate, and predict what happens in our own classroom pond! We will also discuss food chains that exist within the pond habitat.
Big image


This month in music class, we are welcoming spring with songs about flowers, critters and plants. The children will explore instruments, sing alone and with others, play musical games, act out musical stories, and dance. “Little Rabbit Foo Foo” has become a favorite, so here is a link to the video recording. I hope you will take a moment to watch and sing along with your child. Enjoy!

Field Trip: The Children's Aquarium at Fair Park

A visit to the Dallas Aquarium will be our culminating activity following our study of pond life. It has been scheduled for Monday, April 11. All Pre-K students should arrive at the normal school time and be in full uniform. The girls must wear their uniform dress on our field trip. We will board the bus at 9:00 and return to GSES approximately at 12:00 PM. At the aquarium, students will participate in an interactive program about life in a tidal pool including live animals, as well as, exploring the aquatic life from all over the world.

The Children's Aquarium at Fair Park

Monday, April 11th, 9am-12pm

1462 1st Avenue

Dallas, TX

Parents may join us at the aquarium if they are interesting in attending.

Important Dates

April 6: Field Trip to Northaven Park (11-1) Disposable Sack lunch (no lunch boxes please) and SMALL water bottle; weather permitting, we will have a sack lunch by the pond.

April 11: Field Trip to Dallas Children's Aquarium at Fair Park (9-12) Disposable Sack lunch and SMALL water bottle

April 21: Grandparents' Day

April 22-25: School Holiday

Birthday Shout-Outs

April 5: Isabella Johnson

April 6: John Sikes

April 6: Evan Grammieri