Factory Pollution- Is it Worth it?

By: Nathan Englert

The morning was glorious and filled with fresh air, but that air was quickly flowing with thick grey smoke. As the air filled your lungs, you followed it. Then, you see the ginormous metal building, a factory. The smoke filled the streets damaging trees, bushes, and other wildlife. Soon this factory pollution could make your life flash before you.
First, factory pollution affects you, animals, and plants in a ton of ways, but mostly living things are affected by diseases. You might achieve early death by a steel plant called manganese which causes destruction to the brain and nervous system. This steel dust is found mostly at the Ohio River Valley along the Ohio-West Virginia border for their widely know factories, but this steel dust can be found anywhere in the world with factories (Pace, 2016).
Second, factory pollution also destroys the wilderness. The pollution pollutes water and destroys multiple species of plants. Also, pollution pollutes main food sources like cocoa in the rainforest. Water pollution is deadly to water that we drink, so we have less reliable water sources in the world ("Environmental Pollution", 2016). Most important is that some of those plants are used for medical problems like curing deadly diseases. Another problem is soil pollution which is caused by chemicals being put into the earth. For example, putting fertilizer on plants to grow faster ("Environmental Pollution", 2016). Right now we're endangering ourselves by using less emissions on factories.
Lastly, factory pollution destroys animal habitats. Again, pollution pollutes water, so animals have filthy and unhealthy water to drink. Also, pollution destroys animals food sources such as fruits and vegetables. Trees are also destroyed, so, one, some animal habitats can't be made and, two, carbon dioxide in pollution can't be decreased. Also, shelter as in trees, underground, and rivers are polluted or destroyed. Animals have to be cared for instead of living in their environment where they grew up.
However, factories enable people to buy things, but this comes with a cost. Factories may make jobs for people to make money, food to eat and purified water to drink, and buyable items, but pollution may make you lose something you love. We need to save money up so we can end factory pollution instead of watching it grow right before you eyes. Factory isn't a good thing, so just remember, you could lose your son or daughter, an important animal or plant species, or maybe even your life.
In conclusion, people, animals, the wilderness, and many more things are all affected by factory pollution. Factory pollution gives us more insanity to the world, so why don't we put an end to pollution. Let's tell the government to change the law for more emissions on factories. Let's start now, so we can stop factory pollution once and for all.


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