Courtney Salisbury

A Little Bit About My Family


I have one sister. My sister's name is Clairissa. Clairissa is fourteen years old and she plays many sports. Right now she is getting ready for cheerleading tryouts on the 24 of April. She has been a cheerleader for about five years. She wants to got to UCLA for cheerleading when she gets out of high school. She has played softball for about three years.
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I have one brother and his name is Dalton. Dalton is nine years old and he is kinda annoying. He plays football and baseball. He has only played football once and he really likes it. When he gets older he wants to play for the Pittsburg Steelers. He has played baseball for about four years now. This year he wants to be the pitcher on his team but it is his first year in the little league.
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My mother is Holly. My mom is thirty-four years old. When she was in high school she played tennis. When she was fifteen she found out that she had MS. MS is a shorter word for Multiple Sclerosis which is a disease that can not be treated. It is not contagious. I makes all the muscles and bones in your body just stop working.
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Brian is my step-dad. He is fourty-one years old and he enjoys fishing and hunting. This past week he has went mushroom hunting a lot. Last week he took me mushroom hunting for the first time. We didn't find anything but it was still fun. He used to take me fishing all the time but he doesn't do anything with me anymore. He goes hunting anytime that he can ( when it's hunting season of course).
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I am twelve years old and my birthday is in one day. My birthday is April 25th and my cousin Quincee and I have the same birthday. We were born on the same day, born in the same hospital, our rooms where right beside each other and we are only about eleven hours apart. I have played four sports. I have played softball, volleyball, soccer and cheer. I have played volleyball for four years. I really enjoy volleyball and I think I am really good at it. I have played softball for five years and I am on a really good team this year. My head coach is Rebecca Fink and she was the best in the league when she played in high school. I have played soccer for two years and i don't really like it that much. Finally I cheered once. I was in the fifth grade and I really wanted to cheer and be like my sister.
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