Mrs. Lipid's Life

A story about Mrs. Lipid and her energetic children.

"Mom, protein is flexing again," Evolution called. Mrs Lipids being rather fat hurried to the scene at a brisk powerwalk. "Why do you change so much Evolution," she asked anoyed. "Whahhhh," screamed Interdependence the baby that everyone hated. She always needed something and Mrs. Lipids often felt like squishing her. When ever she felt like this she thought of her other baby, Heredity whom she had actually squished. This made her feel better. She had squished Heredity because she had looked too much like Mrs. Lipids herself and it was creepy. When she reached Interdependences room she realized that she had kept Hereditys old teddy bear named nucleic acids. She now burned it as she realized she was what had made Heredity the way she was. "Stop crying interdependence or I'll squish you," sang Mrs. Lipids soothingly. Homeostasis walked in and said, "dont do that mom i wont feel balnced emotionally if you do." Mrs Lipids realizing that he was right cursed saying,"carbohydrates!" I'll go and feed you to Cells the dog who seemed to be everywhere. "Ok Ill be fine with that," Homeostasis said. So Mrs Lipids fed her children to the dog and lived in peace till the end of her days.