Week of 3/25-3/29

Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks to everyone who has sent in candy filled Easter eggs. If you have not please do so by tomorrow. We like for each child to get 12 eggs when they are hunting, however, if everyone has not send in eggs then the total number of eggs that each child gets decreases.

Hayden's mom is coming around 1:45 tomorrow to help tag the eggs if anyone can come around then to help that would be great.

I have several treats coming for Thursday. I think we have plenty now. Thanks.

Students need to bring a basket or bag to use on Thursday during the egg hunt.

Honor Roll Assembly

Tomorrow is the Honor Roll Assembly. If your child received all A's or all A's and no more than two B's on his/her report card then they will be recognized tomorrow during chapel starting at 8:30.


Scoopalicious also falls on Thursday. If your child did not pay for the year and would like to purchase ice cream please send in $2.00.

Casual Day

Thursday is Casual Day